Miracles – Schedule yourself to receive one

A quick update –  The conference with Jay West on Saturday 5/12/2012 was very good and we had quite a few people attending, so if you missed that conference (just because you cannot go to everything) then you missed a good one.


Equally true, we all have time for the things that we make time for.  So, in that regard, attached is a recommended conference list on which I want to highlight Tony Kemp who will be in Olathe, KS only 3.5 hours away on August 17-19 because Jesus gave Tony a trip to heaven where he saw the body parts room and now has two angels assigned to him.  I talked to the pastor in Michigan who had Tony come to Michigan in April 2012 and there were more miracles than anyone can count.  So if… you need a new body part (kidneys, pancreas, leg, eyeball, arm, etc.) this is what Tony ministers and God’s angels who are assigned to Tony installs in people like YOU.  Attached conference tab explains how you can go to the Sid Roth website and see two 30 minute videos in the Sid Roth website archives which tells that story as well as a live video of a blind person receiving their sight who was blind.


Please do not be content with your disability.  Make plans to go to Olathe KS in August 17-19, 2012


Meanwhile, Jesus has impressed upon me that the ROAD TO MIRACLES is deliverance and inner healing (and I could preach for days and days explaining why).  So, important foundation stones in me that I am building upon are:
1. Kenneth Hagin’s teaching on the authority of the believer and how to use your faith and the Word of God
2. Bob Larson ministries in Phoenix with James Vivian in KC to help us
3. And, a variety of books and authors (a stack that measures 19 inches tall in my office)


Every Tuesday over the next 13 weeks, Susan and I will be attending and evaluating a program called TheUltimateJourney.Org facilitated by Glad Tidings here in Omaha NE (again see the list of conferences attached).  After this workshop ends 5/8-7/31/2012, Susan and I plan to have weekly meetings in our home on Tuesday evenings at 7pm wherein we will be mostly DOING deliverance and inner healing (teaching now days is available in books, DVD’s etc, so we need to help people become DOERS rather than hearers only).


A formula that I have been DOING and has been working that I recommend that you start using DAILY to process new and old frustrations, disappointments, hurts, etc.)
1. Forgive and bless the abuser
2. Confess and repent that you did not handle the situation perfectly
3. Ask Jesus to forgive YOU (that you did not handle the situation perfectly)
4. Ask Jesus to cleanse and heal you (because you got wounded –  you got a soul wound)


I could teach, preach, explain the 4 things above for hours and days but just because you know about the 4 steps (7 items in those 4 steps) above, acknowledge them as true and helpful, they will NOT do you any good until you DO and SPEAK the words out loud in front of two witnesses until you understand what you are doing and it becomes your new habit.


By doing the 4 steps above, I have already experienced miracles (ROAD TO MIRACLES) in health, finances and relationships.  We seem to forget that:
1. God requires us to DO some things FIRST, then
2. HE will DO the MIRACULOUS to us and for us
Do not let the SIN of doubt and unbelief rob you of your next miracle from God.  If you have never ever received a miracle from God in the past, why let your past control your future?  It is time to launch miracles from God as a new way of life in YOUR life.


The Bible is full of examples where God will REQUIRE you to do something silly and foolish before He will grant your miracle.  He might require you to march around the walls of Jericho 7 times (now that is pretty silly and foolish and dangerous because they can shoot at you while you march around), but… the Bible says the walls then fell down FLAT.  God’s angels just pushed the walls down into the ground and the Israelites simply walked over the top of the walls like paved highway.  God might have you dip yourself in a river.  In other words, God is going to REQUIRE you to do something that He knows will on purpose make you look and sound very foolish TO OTHERS as a test of your faith.  DO NOT flunk the test –  be willing to look and be foolish and silly.


Please do not be content with your disability. Make plans to go to Olathe KS in August 17-19, 2012.  Choose to be silly and foolish by making plans to go to Olathe KS in August 2012 AND TELL people you are going because the Sid Roth website says Tony has been to the body parts room IN HEAVEN and now has angels assigned to him to install body parts in people like YOU.  You have nothing to loose but YOUR sin of PRIDE (you will look and sound foolish to others).  Do not let YOUR sin of doubt and unbelief stop you from going to Olathe KS.


So, in addition to making plans to attend Tony Kemp in Olathe, KS, you will also want to put on your calendar to come to our home (Rick and Susan home at 5605 Blackwell Drive, Omaha NE  on Tuesday evenings starting after 7/31/2012)


Rick Hollman                                                 Phone: 402-896-3760
House Church Ministries For Jesus              Email: HollmanInsuranceGroup@Cox.Net
5605 Blackwell Drive, Omaha NE  68137     Web: www.HCMFJ.Com
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