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Rick Hollman
Rick Hollman – Deliverance – PDF  ( 3 Pages) General, Curse Breaking Prayer
Rick Hollman – Deliverance – PDF ( 1 Pages) Remove Ancestral Dissociation & Interjects
Rick Hollman – Deliverance – PDF ( 3 Pages) Every Morning Prayer & Every Evening Prayer
Rick Hollman – Deliverance – PDF ( 1 Pages) Draw Bloodline, Anoint, Take Communion
Bob Larson –    Deliverance – PDF ( 2 Pages) Remove The Curse of Illegitimacy
Rick Hollman – Deliverance – PDF (42 Pages) Remove Strongholds – “How To” Manual
Rick Hollman – Bible Basics – PDF ( 6 Pages) Kingdom Business – Perspectives: Blind Men And The Elephant
Bob Larson –    Deliverance – PDF (27 Pages) Curse Breaking Manual-Specialized

Who is Rick Hollman:
In March 2011, Jesus told me by the inward witness:
1.  I have made made you a man of relationships (Evangelism and Pastoral Care)
2.  I have called you to be a repairer of the breach (Bible Teacher), and
3.  I have commissioned you (Apostolic) to be a minister of Righteousness (Holiness) which removes the enemy’s strongholds from the Christian’s life, unlocks God’s miracles, and causes the believer to want to walk closer and closer with Jesus.


God Is Looking For The Fish Cleaners:
In Luke 10:2 Jesus explained to the 70 before sending them out, that we need more harvestors.  Hcmfj_130209_Picture_Bob Jones Prophet Bob Jones explains in the video below, that the “early harvest” is the harvest of harvestors.  Some of God’s best harvestors “will come out of the beer joints and houses of sin.”  If say 10,000 people got saved today, there would not be enough laborers trained on how to care for these new converts “to clean them, deliver them, and free them.”  According to Bob Jones, a deliverance ministry and inner healing ministry is needed for these new converts (old converts get re-infected and need deliverance as well as seen in the nature videos below), and Bob Jones calls these trained laborers the “fish cleaners” to help take care of people who get saved – to clean them up, deliver them and free them.
Bob Jones – Deliverance – Video (00:08:33) Harvestors And Fish Cleaners
Bob Jones – Deliverance – PDF    (1 Pages) Notes – Harvestors And Fish Cleaners
Additional Examples In Nature:
The Bible explains in Rom 1:20 that God has revealed Himself in nature so that man is without excuse.  There are numerous examples in nature to demonstrate man’s need to be set free from parasites (demons): 
Examples In Nature – Deliverance – Video (00:02:36)
Seagulls Surgically Remove Parasites From Sun Fish
Examples In Nature – Deliverance – Video (00:05:35) Shrimp CleanersHcmfj_130209_Picture_Shrimp Cleaners
Examples In Nature – Deliverance – PDF  (1 Pages)
Birds Remove Ticks From Antelope Back,Legs,Neck,Belly
Examples In Nature – Deliverance – PDF (1 Page) Examples In Nature
Group Sessions Are At No Charge:
Group Sessons on Tuesday evenings are at no charge as a gift to the body of Christ.
The Next Group Session   – Click Here
Individual One-On-One Sessions require a reasonable gift to keep this ministry continuing for you and others.
Rick Hollman – Ministry Expenses – Financial Support Options – Click Here  
Below are four individuals the devil is afraid of and hopes to never meet:

Hcmfj_130209_Picture_Paul HollisPaul Hollis,
Paul teaches Christians how to remove demonic strongholds.  To remove a stronghold, we have to identify what doors got opened to the devil to enable (the devil) to attack the Chrisitan.  Find the open doors, close those doors by removing the devil’s legal rights, then command the devil, evil spirits and demons to leave – and they have to go.  Doors get opened from generational curses, ungodly soul ties, abuse we suffered in childhood, and personal sins.


Hcmfj_130209_Picture_Thurman ScrivnerThurman Scrivner,
Thurman has an extraordinary gift of faith and operates in the working of miracles.  Thousands of people have received extraordinary miracles through his ministry including his granddaughter Katlyn who was smashed beyond recognition in an automobile accident.  Thurman explains that sickness, disease, accidents and all suffering come as the result of sin.  Discover those sins, confess and repent of all sins, and then receive your miracle from King Jesus.


Hcmfj_130209_Picture_Bob LarsonBob Larson,
Bob Larson is known around the world as “The Exorcist.”  The devil and his evil workers use a variety of tactics to find or create an open door to your life – generational curses (sins of your ancestors) coming down the blood line to you and your chidren and grandchildren.  Then abuse, abandonment, personal sins, etc. will allow that curse to land upon you and your descendants and the curse just keeps getting perpetuated.  Bob’s ministry and his DWJD teams can help you get free.


Hcmfj_130209_Picture_Rick HollmanRick Hollman,
Come visit every Tuesday evening at 6:45pm at House Church Ministries For Jesus.  You are welcome no matter what your church background or denomination might be.  We will help you remove any demonic strongholds, pray with you for a physical healing or miracle, and cast out demons and minister inner healing.  We also have a team of ministers who will travel to your denominational church to do a Friday night and all day Saturday workshop.

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