Jesus’ ability to GIVE is limited only by what you are able to RECEIVE

We help YOU receive whatever MIRACLE you have been wanting from Jesus

Then, we EQUIP and TRAIN you (the Saints) To help others RECEIVE from Jesus (do the work of the ministry)

Helping and blessing OTHERS activates JESUS and His provision in YOUR life

                                             Joy: Jesus first, then Others, and then You

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What is House Church Ministries For Jesus? – It’s learning by doing and practicing!

Our emphasis is on learning by doing and practicing. I have a tendency to use a lot of analogies. Do you remember when your teenager turned age 15 and wanted to learn how to drive a car? The teen driver had to go to Driver’s Ed Class. During the semester of classes, the teen read a book, watched some movies, took some quizzes, passed some tests, and received a B+ for a grade – and they passed.

Did the instructor of the Driver’s Ed class say – congratulations – you have passed the course so go grab a car and start driving! Of course the answer is no. The coursework was only the first step!

Now, some instructor has to sit in the front seat on the passenger side while the teenager learns how to start the car, stop the car, how to safely stop at a stop sign (recover from getting honked at), drive over the median (and ruin the front end alignment), squeal the wheels (accidently), oh yeah – in our family, ruin the clutch trying to learn how to drive a stick shift pick up…. Do you get the picture? It’s not very pretty watching someone learn how to drive (but it can be fun, humorous, safe, and a new and necessary life skill).  We are the humans that help you learn how to get born again (and know for sure that you are born again). We are the humans that help you learn what questions to ask others so that others can get born again. We practice on each other (do role play questions) until you are comfortable talking to others about Jesus. We help you get your testimony learned and memorized down to five minutes or less so that you can at the drop of a hat give your testimony in a short, sweet fashion and in a way that will inspire others to want the same Jesus that you have got (receive Jesus’s anointing and take it with you wherever you go).

Last but not least – who are you going to call when you need a miracle? Has anyone been calling YOU when they need a miracle.  We are the humans that help you learn how to receive a miracle from Jesus, and train you on how to help others receive their miracle from Jesus (in a way that is fun, humorous, safe, and a new and necessary life skill). We don’t just believe in miracles – we experience them!  Who do you know that needs one?

Rick Hollman
House Church Ministries for Jesus

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