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Start Here – Home Defense & Legally Compliant
Know the laws/rules to stay out of prison        PDF   ( 2 Pages) Here Is What You Read To Stay Out Of Prison
Good times, good practice, good family fun    Video (00:05:56) Click Here

Compelling Videos – Why You Must Own A Pistol
Mother Brutally Beaten When Protecting Her Child – Video (00:03:05)  Nanny Cam
What A Retired Police Officer Has To Say –               Video (00:07:12)  YOU have To Defend Yourself
Why Our Constitution Gives Citizens Firearms –        Video (00:07:24)  Firea  rms STOP Violent Crimes
Why Our Constitution Gives Citizens Firearms –        Video (00:13:12)  Why Good People Should Be Armed
First Person Defender –                                              Video (00:14:06)  Simulation – Gas Station Robbery

The Senators Who Tried To Take Away Our 2nd Amendment Gun Rights
US Government Versus Constitutional Gun Rights     PDF ( 3 Pages)  Which Senators Voted Against You

Andrew Branca
Andrew Branca –  Law Of Self Defense –   PDF ( 7 Pages)  When It Is OK To Defend Yourself
Nebraska –           Law Of Self Defense –   PDF ( 7 Pages)  Copy Of Actual Nebraska Statutes
USA –  Entrapment Laws & Restrictions –  PDF ( 2 Pages)  Entrapment Laws & Restrictions

Nebraska – City & State Firearm Law
Firearms –  Nebraska –  PDF (   9 Pages) Law In General & How To Legally Buy & Sell Firearms
Firearms –  Nebraska –  PDF ( 24 Pages) Law In General & How To Legally Transport Firearms In Vehicle
Firearms –  Any State –  PDF ( 6 Pages)  Actually Defend Yourself, But DO NOT Threaten To Defend Yourself

Ballistics – Muzzle Energy/Knock Down Power
Firearms –  Ballistics –  PDF ( 16 Pages ) Terminal Ballistics – Problem Is Getting The Bullet Through Bones
Firearms –  Ballistics –  PDF   ( 9 Pages)  Why I Recommend The .40 Caliber Glock Pistol
Firearms –  Ballistics –  Video (00:08:55)  Bullet Penetration – Wood, Cement, and Phone Book
Firearms –  PDF ( 20 Pages)  Which Ear Plugs, Flashlight, Cleaning Supplies, Pistol, Revolver & Accessories

Nebraska Law On Knives –  PDF ( 10 Pages)  Which Knife For Self Defense & Nebraska Law On Knives
Self Defense –  Karambit Knife –  Video (00:12:37) How To Defend Yourself Using The Karambit Knife – Part 1
Self Defense –  Karambit Knife –  Video (00:06:15) How To Defend Yourself Using The Karambit Knife – Part 2
Self Defense –  Karambit Knife –  Video (00:07:03) How To Defend Yourself Using The Karambit Knife – Part 3

Rick Hollman
I am a strong believer in Home Defense and your Second Amendment Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms.  Glock makes one of the best pistols in the world, but for discriminating shooters who want to improve their accuracy, you will also need the McNally Custom Trigger. (For information on the McNally Custom Trigger – Click Here)
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Although the McNally Custom Trigger sells for $159.99, as an insurance agency owner, I am able to provide the McNally Custom Trigger to you absolutely FREE as follows:
1.  Experience teaches me that if… you have a home and two vehicles, I will be able to save you a minimum of $160 PER YEAR (or more) on your home and vehicle insurance keeping your coverage and deductibles the same.  Assuming you are willing to switch your home and two vehicles to my insurance agency, the savings of $160 per year or more provides you with the cash that you need to purchase the McNally Custom Trigger. (Note: The carriers we use must have an “A” rating financially AND a JD Powers customer service rating of average or better on claims service, or we will not offer that carrier to you.)
2.  If for any reason I cannot save you a minimum of $160 per year keeping your insurance coverage and deductibles the same, then I will send you the McNally Custom Trigger at no cost to you – provided:
A.  You have sent me copies of your existing insurance showing coverage, deductibles and premiums that you pay (so that I can do an apples to apples comparison)
B.  You need to have a house and two vehicles for me to work with and insure.  (Note: If you do not own a house, or you only have one vehicle, let’s see how much I can save you anyway – but no free trigger if I fail to save you a minimum of $160 per year.)
To get started, send your email to: HollmanInsuranceGroup@Cox.Net
Rick Hollman, Insurance Agency Owner
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