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You need to know that this page of our website is Boot Camp.  This is NOT princess school.  So… if you are a princess (with high heels) or a prince (with coat and tie), you need to lose the shoes, drop the tie, put on your military boots or move on down the road.  Here is where the rubber hits the road as we bluntly tell the truth without palatable words and embrace unvarnished reality.

It turns out that BEFORE conception, God arbitrarily chose to create you as an ETERNAL being.  You did not get to decide if… you wanted to be created.  God sovereignly decided that for you.  That means while you were still in the womb, God owns you.  AND… you WILL live forever SOMEWHERE.  We know that somewhere will be one of two places: 1.) With Jesus, or 2.) With the devil and his demons.  Now… that is a fact whether you believe it or not.  As a created being, YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER – SOMEWHERE.  So… that all happened at CONCEPTION (you know, nine months before you were physically born).

Now… the next undisputable fact is that when your biological mother squeezed you out of the womb (at physical birth), you were dropped IN the battlefield of a global warzone.  Now, a battlefield is not pretty and a global war zone means there is no escape.  YOU ARE STUCK HERE (on this planet) and you can try to run from the devil and his demons, but you cannot hide because the devil is a supernatural being, which means the devil and his demons can always find you.  AND, your enemy, the devil, hates your guts because the devil hates Almighty God who created you.

So… you need to understand how the battlefield looks from the devil’s perspective.  Because of the sin of Adam and Eve, ALL humans have now inherited the fallen sin nature of the devil.  This means if the human does nothing, that human automatically goes to hell with the devil when the human dies physically.  So, the devil does not need to attack you because the devil has already got you AND he can use you for the devil’s purposes.

Strategy #1 Prevent humans from getting born again:  So… the devil (who is the master of deception) will logically use the church world to feed traditions (nice word for lies) to all new planet earth, arriving humans.  A carefully constructed lie will get the human close to the finish line (but not over the finish line).  So, the simple lie is that church membership and some form of baptism gets you saved (just DO NOT let them say a prayer OUT LOUD asking Jesus to come into their heart).  From the devil’s perspective, that simple lie will stop 95% of the new to planet earth arriving humans from ever getting born again – very deceptive, a brilliant strategy, and by default – the devil keeps all those newly arriving humans who come into existence because they come by default with the devil’s sin nature – automatically.

Strategy #2 Prevent truly Born Again Christians from receiving the empowerment of the Holy Spirit:  The devil knows he cannot stop ALL humans from getting born again (the devil can only stop perhaps 95% of the humans from getting born again).  So now, the devil needs a strategy to stop the born again believer from getting filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues because that empowers the Christian who then becomes much too powerful and dangerous to the devil’s operation.  So, another very carefully constructed lie will do quite nicely.  The tool of choice of course is to have the church world teach the lie (because then the Christian will blindly swallow the lie).  The simpler you keep the lie the better and here it is  version #1 “tongues is of the devil” and version #2 “be filled with the Holy Spirit – but you do not need to speak in tongues.”  There, that will do nicely.  As long as the Christian does not speak in tongues, then the Christian will not get the benefit of tongues – very deceptive, a brilliant strategy, and by default the Christian has NO POWER.

Strategy #3 Trick Christians into not resisting the devil by saying God (not humans) is in charge:   The devil knows that a few of those ICKY Christians will do the unthinkable – they will insist on both getting filled with the Holy Spirit AND speak in tongues (because the Apostle Paul told them to do that in the New Testament).  So, another very carefully constructed lie will be needed.  Remember in a court of law you are instructed to lay your hand on a Bible and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Well… the devil does not abide by those rules.  The devil leads with the truth but then mixes in a lie.  The tool of choice is once again the church world (so the Christian will swallow the lie).  The devil has the church world lead with the truth (God is sovereign… which is true) and what that means therefore (now here comes the lie),  the LIE is that “nothing can happen without God’s approval – if it happens then God approved it, sanctioned it, or condoned it.”  – very deceptive, a brilliant strategy, and by default the Christian fails to RESIST the devil, the devil DOES NOT have to flee, and the devil literally kills the Christian (dies physically and prematurely).  The few people that get born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, all (or at least 95% of them) all seem to have swallowed this pernicious (deadly, fatal) lie that “God is controlling everything.”  The truth is that God is not going to resist the devil for us – it is our job and responsibility to resist the devil with the authority that God delegated to us and the power of the Holy Spirit that He gave to us.  The truth is that God sovereignly decided to LIMIT Himself by giving humans a fee will choice.  In other words, God commands you to do something and YOU can say NO, and God has to abide by your CHOICE.  The Bible says that God is not willing that any should perish, sent his Son Jesus to pay the price to set us free, but… as humans we can say NO to Jesus and stay with the devil (that makes the devil very very very happy of course – when you say no to Jesus).

Strategy #4 Trick Christians into losing their salvation:  The devil knows there will always be a few (like Joshua and Caleb in the old testament) who will avoid all three of the above strategies of the devil.  So, the devil needs one more very carefully constructed lie.  Once again the tool of choice is the church world (so that the Christian will believe the lie).  Here is that lie “once saved always saved.”  This lie serves the devil very well.  Now the Christian can live like the devil – you know, lie, cheat, steal, and have sex with everybody. Ooops, what the Christian does not know is that the path of sin gets darker and darker and eventually the Christian will deny Christ as his Savior (If you can ask Jesus into your heart, you can also kick Jesus out of your heart – Heb 6:4-6 says so.)  Wow, “once saved always saved” gives the believer a false sense of security, the Christian fails to examine himself (2 Cor 13:5), the Christian protests in Matt 7:22 but Jesus replies in Matt 7:23 “depart from me” and the devil laughs as the devil torments you with glee for the next billions of billions of years saying “you were a Christian, you escaped from me the devil, but… I got you back!!!!!!!

Strategy #5 Trick Christians into thinking all is well with their soul:  Well… there are a few of those rare humans that 1.) get born again by asking Jesus into their heart as Lord and Savior, 2.) ask Jesus to fill them with the Holy Spirit and actually do speak in tongues a lot like the Apostle Paul instructed, 3.) understands that God sovereignly chose to give humans a free will which by definition means God had to sovereignly limit himself to the free will choices of man and learns that it is man’s responsibility to police the earth using delegated authority to man from God and the power of the Holy Spirit, and 4.) understands that the same free will choice given to man also gives man the free will choice to willfully sin after he was born again which may go so far as to kick Jesus back out of his life.  Now, the devil needs a lie or strategy which will disable this rare Christian.  Once again, the tool of choice is the church world (so that the Christian will believe the lie).  Now this time the devil is going to again as before lead with the truth and mix in a lie.  When a Christian is born again according to 2 Cor 5:17 “he is a new creature… all things are become new” (which is true), and what that means therefore (now here comes the lie), the LIE is that even our physical bodies and our soul got re-created and born again – NOT TRUE.  Both our physical bodies and our soul definitely DID NOT get re-created – very deceptive, a brilliant strategy, and by default the Christian will not understand the need for INNER HEALING (of the soul) and DELIVERANCE.

In summary:  Every new human is dropped into the earth’s battlefield and global warzone.  As a human not yet born again, you are no match for a supernatural devil and his demons, you are stuck on planet earth as an eternal being, your choices are to do nothing and end up in hell when you die physically or get born again.  To live a life of victory and DO what Jesus wants us to do, the born again believer must also get Holy Spirit filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues, use his God given free will and faith to resist the devil by the power of the Holy Spirit as God’s policeman on the earth because God has delegated that responsibility to man, and constantly maintain right standing with God and the pursuit of Holiness realizing that one’s salvation can be potentially lost, hence the need for inner healing and deliverance to be able to finish the good work that God has begun in you (and actually end up with Jesus for eternity rather than the devil and his demons for eternity).

Jesus gave me a song which says “though eternity awaits us, today is precious more” for the trying of our faith is more precious than gold (1 Pet 1:7), and when we meet Jesus he will ask us – did you learn to (unselfishly) love?  Did you use your free will to 1.) receive Jesus, surrender to Him and worship him which is to love God, and 2.) also use your God given faith and free will to bless (unselfishly love) others in spite of contradictory circumstances and the opposition of the devil and his demons during your first century here on planet earth?

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