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Two important meetings below – Click on the DATES below for more details:
Date                  Location          Speaker                    
04/12/2013      Omaha, NE      Dan & Cindie Crevier
Freedom/Hope/Healing Gathering
04/24 – 04/26/2013   Kansas City   Thurman Scrivner
Miracle Healing Conference
The meeting on 4/12/2013 here in Omaha NE will give 6 House Church groups an opportunity to mix and mingle (anyone is welcome to come).  Brother Dan has spent $300 to obtain a conference room big enough so all can meet at the same time.
Then… 4/24/2013 Thurman Scrivner has a ministry of Working Of Miracles, and he prays for each person one by one.  (Example: thousands of miracles – grand daughter smashed in car accident now normal, no scars, no surgery, or a man’s back was crushed from falling 30 feet out of a tree, now normal, no surgery, etc.).
Anyway, it would really be awesome to have the opportunity to talk to other House Church groups:
1.  Compare notes
2.  Find out who is gifted and talented in what areas
3.  Figure out what we have in common
4.  Oh yeah, and ask Jesus to show up again in an open vision like He did on 3/11/2013 when John Fenn was here
As a reminder, the HCMFJ.Com newsletters (like this one) go to subscribers in more than 23 states and three foreign countries.  Therefore, our House Church which meets every Tuesday evening is making a National and Global impact:
A. Tab-Getting Born Again, on How To Get Someone Born Again, and the tract to use (developed by Rick Hollman, over 30 years of experience) Free Gift Coupon
B. Tab-Remove Strongholds, on how to get the new Christian delivered and inner healed (developed by Paul Hollis, over 20 years of experience)
C. Tab-Discipleship, on how to disciple that new Christian (developed by Andrew Wommack, and this material is changing the nation of Uganda)
D. Tab-Downloads, has excellent Teaching Articles that you need to read, speak into the atmosphere and do. See the section Rick Hollman for articles that I write during the month but only publish once per month in these monthly newsletters such as:
Who Sinned – Blind Man Or Parents
Revile Not – But Do Admonish And Reprove
You cannot just “know and believe.” You must ALSO “apply and receive.”  So “selah: pause and calmly think about that.”  In other words, we have to impart and transfer the anointing to you (Jesus BREATHED ON THEM John 20:22, Apostle Paul explains how anointing is imparted by prophecy and laying on of hands 1 Tim. 4:14).  You cannot “just get the tape” and assume that teaching and knowledge will somehow land upon you.  We have to “assemble ourselves together” as explained in Heb 10:25.  In the Old Testament, the Jewish people would travel a long distance to “assemble together.”  Mary, the mother of Jesus, rode a donkey while pregnant – do you want to ride a donkey when you are expecting to have a baby any day?  Jesus blessed you with a comfortable car (rather than a donkey) to attend one of our Tab-Conferences.
That is why we have House Church Ministries For Jesus every Tuesday evening at 6:45pm and you are invited (come even if you cannot arrive until 8:00pm).  Surely you have some friends that have not reached perfection yet, or are struggling in some area of their life (health, relationships, and finances).  Do you know how to help them – bring a friend in need. Weekly Meetings – Click Here
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