What About Those Who Were NOT Healed

Did you ever notice in Matt 12:15 that the Bible says that “He [Jesus] healed them all.”  I remember going to a church service recently (no need to mention names), and I will estimate that there were 700 people in attendance.  The sermon was about faith for physical healing, and about 12 people testified that they had received an instant healing miracle.  Doing the math, that means about 1.7% got healed which is much different than 100.0% found in Matt 12:15.  The church pastor labeled the meeting a smashing success (12 people got an instant healing miracle) and asked the audience for their tithes and offerings to tear down the existing building and build a bigger building.
Personally, what I see are the 688 people (700-12=688) who were NOT healed (Ok, some will get healed over the next 3 days, but we are still not up to 100%).  Praise Jesus who instantly healed the 12 who got instantly healed that day, but what are we doing for the 688 who walked away – still waiting, hoping, and trusting.  I also saw a person who was still in a wheel chair go up after the service was over to ask for prayer.  In spite of prayer, the person went home in the wheel chair – still waiting, hoping, and trusting.  How long has that person been in that wheel chair?  As a wheel chair person, lets say he comes to church every Sunday which is 52 times in a year which is 260 times over the last 5 years – just keep coming – no need to analyze why he is unable to receive his miracle – just keep coming – the new building might be more wheel chair accessible?  Jesus said in John 14:12-14 that we can expect to do the same things that Jesus did.  What did Jesus do?  Well, Matt 12:15 says that He healed them ALL (100% of them).  So…1.7% is good, but it is nowhere close to 100%.
My goal is not to criticize.  My goal is to ask a very important question.  Is there something else we should be doing for the 688 besides building a bigger building with their hard earned tithes and offerings?  I wonder if instead of a bigger building – perhaps the money should be used to minister Deliverance and Inner Healing?  As I think about it –  we do know national, proven ministries that specialize in Deliverance and Inner Healing.  Wow – think about that – have a specialist – an annointed Deliverance and Inner Healing minister come and use those tithes and offerings to get RESULTS not buildings.  Only one generation ago we called those kinds of meetings “camp meetings” (Kenneth Hagin, Kathryn Kuhlman, Charles and Francis Hunter, Morris Cerullo, RW Schambach, etc.)  Oh yea, I remember now – the local churches kicked them out – why?  Do you want to give your tithes and offerings to a church that builds bigger buildings or do you want to give you tithes and offerings to ministers who have no buildings – just results.
I am just saying – it costs money to have a specialist come into town and minister miracles – an annointed minister who is a miracle worker – especially if the minister has to come and stay and do minstry every day for 3 weeks or 3 months until every person is not only prayed for one-on-one but that God super naturally reveals where the problem is so that his surgery and funeral can be avoided.  If you are a church pastor reading this, I AM SUGGESTING that you cut back on that building fund, spend the money on the specialist instead.  I can even give you the names of some specialists (not me) that have results and can get the job done.  Oh… I keep forgetting that the specialist has a different theology than you do which is why miracles happen when he/she ministers.  But… I have to say, the idea of droping the new building project, spending the money instead on the traveling ministers (God’s specialists), and actually helping an additional 688 people DOES sound both RADICAL, BIBLICAL and EXCITING.
It is nice that I do not depend on any church offerings for my salary, nor do I need church offerings to pay for a building.  In the Old Testament, prophets who spoke the truth were not very popular, the Apostle Paul got stoned, and they tortured Jesus to death (crucified Him to death).  I assume you understand that sinners will hate you, but if you are not rocking the boats of existing churches and church leaders, if you are not being persecuted by existing churches and church leaders, then you are not doing what Jesus did (Matt 15:12), or what the Apostle Paul did (2 Cor 11:25), or what the prophets in the Old Testament did (Luke 13:34).
So… rather than criticize and instead be helpful, I have written a couple of recent articles to help existing churches and church leaders change their theology so that they can help people to start receiving some miracles from Jesus:
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