We Will Always Exist Forever – SOMEWHERE

It turns out that humans (you and me) are created beings, and we will always exist forever – SOMEWHERE.

Kind of a scary thought – can you imagine what life will be like 100 years from now, or 1,000 years from now, or 1 billion years from now? YOU will never cease to exist.  What is even more staggering is that once you die physically, you can never change your ETERNAL destination. Once you die physically – your eternal fate is sealed – never to change. That said, is there anything more important than knowing FOR SURE where you are going to exist during the first billion years, and then the next billion years times billions of billions of years?

Personally, I think there IS something more important than knowing where YOU are going to exist for eternity. It is not that I do not care about YOU – because I do care about you. I am simply MORE interested in knowing where your family and friends are going to spend THEIR eternity:

  1. Where are your grandparents going after they die physically?
  2. Ooops, where did your great grandparents go?
  3. Where are your parents going? And, your aunts and uncles? And, your cousins?
  4. Where are your children going? And, your great grandchildren going?

I CARE about where all those people are going – do you? Have you asked them where they are going? What did they say?

So, what questions are you going to ask your family and friends to determine IF they are actually going to spend their billions of billions of billions of years in the nice place. I said, what questions are you going to ask to determine IF they are going to spend eternity in the correct place?

Give us a call:

  1. We will teach you what questions to ask
  2. We will help you get good at pointing people in the right direction
  3. We will help you get the people you love in heaven – with you

You must be born again or you will not be going to heaven – John 3:3
He who wins souls is wise – Prov 11:30

Rick Hollman
House Church Ministries for Jesus

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