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My goal is to send out a newsletter approximately once per month but… since I am a full time insurance agent and a part-time House Church pastor, I will need to issue a newsletter when time permits – which is now.  Approximately one year ago, Jesus impressed upon me to study inner healing and deliverance – and Jesus has been blessing my obedience as I go down that path (I am talking financial blessings in my business, physical health blessings in my physical body).
There are all kinds of junk in a person’s soul:
1. Fear category – concerns, worry, apathy (fear of failure, or expectation of failure), and a desire to control what I am afraid of
2. Hate category – envy, gossip, slander, bitterness, anger from a past injustice
3. Sexual impurity – an unmet need trying to be met in a self destructive way
4. Cults and the Occult – yielding your will over to someone or something else, or wanting to control and/or hurt others
I really like the Bethel Church Sozo approach to identifying these issues (called soul wounds) that we have learned to ignore, allow and live with and which gives the enemy “Legal Rights” to remain and interfere with our lives.  If you are human, the junk is there.  If you are a minister or ministry, the junk is there.  Fresh junk arrives weekly if not daily (and you have to process your junk before your junk gets you).  In other words, if you do not take out your junk or trash daily and weekly, YOUR SOUL RETAINS IT  (until you process it with Jesus).  Did you catch that – if you do not take out the trash, the junk, then YOUR SOUL RETAINS IT – Jesus said it this way in John 20:23 “whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.”   Where do you think they are retained AT… Answer is… in your soul of course (junk in your soul, which becomes soul wounds, unprocessed trash) How do you process the junk?  I am glad you asked – click on the link   Process The Junk, Take Out The Trash, The Road To Freedom
I said all of that to say this – WOW – when you take out the trash (process the junk or soul wounds with Jesus) an amazing thing happens!  You can hear MORE from Jesus and what you HEAR comes through more CLEARLY.  So… as they say, you can drive with your windshield all plastered with dead bugs, or you can take a few moments to clean off the junk off of your windshield and as a result SEE MORE and SEE CLEARLY or HEAR MORE and HEAR CLEARLY.  If you are in ministry, maybe you are hearing clearly for others as you operate in the Gifts Of The Holy Spirit but the inward witness for your personal life has gotten junked up.  The Bethel Church Sozo approach puts you in direct contact with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to FIND and process the junk (soul wounds).  Are you happy with how your life is running – or could you use an annual tuneup?  Have you hit a curb or chuck hole accidentally?  In other words, if you drive the roads of life, then front end alignments are not only helpful… but necessary.
My experience confirms what the Bethel Church Sozo material teaches:
1. If you experienced life on earth as a child, you had needs that went unmet which produced a lot of fear and some hate.  As a result of unmet needs and the resulting fears and/or hate, then… as a child you started to and DID believe a lie, and as that lie became part of you, you forgot the lies that you came to believe… all of which junks up your expectations and relationship with Almighty God today.  The Bethel Church Sozo approach to inner healing puts you into direct communication with God to identify those forgotten lies that became and still are a part of you so that… you can rediscover the forgotten lies, replace them with the truth, and get rid of the junk/the trash/the soul wounds.
2. In addition to cleaning up the past that is still affecting you today, there is new junk (soul wounds) arriving daily and weekly.
Today, most Christians are believing the lie that you can “just get the tape”, listen to the teaching, and that KNOWLEDGE alone will cure you.  Oops, it does not work that way.  That is why we have House Church Ministries For Jesus every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm, and that is why you are invited – to come learn, discuss, participate and process the knowledge into living reality.  Everyone needs some level of deliverance and inner healing, and our ministry approach is very gentle, non-threatening and fun!  You will feel much lighter, you will get your joy back, the sky will look blue again, and your relationship with Jesus will come alive.  OK.. you are already perfect… I get it.  But… surely you have some friends that have not reached perfection yet – do you know how to help them – bring a friend in need.  Weekly Meetings – Click Here
Our weekly House Church meetings on Tuesday night at 6:30pm have been awesome – and Seth will be leading the teaching 9/18/2012.  Seth has a prophetic anointing from God so you will not want to miss the next meeting (all are invited and all are welcome to attend – we even have snacks, desert and time to socialize).  In addition to weekly meetings, we have an awesome conference schedule:
08/17/2012   We saw lot’s of miracles with Tony Kemp
09/21/2012   Deliverance retreat with Tim & Katie Mather
09/28/2012   Deliverance conference with Bob Larson
10/18/2012   Inner healing conference with Bill Klne
For all the details about the above conferences, see List Of Conferences Page.
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