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I believe I will just tell the story the way it happened.  I had watched a video of a lady going through deliverace ministry.  I noticed that:
1.  In spite of knowing the demon’s correct name, and
2.  In spite of commanding the demon to leave in the Name of Jesus
3.  The demon did not leave (see video link below)
Drive Out Demons – Bob Larson In Action
As I pondered that question, I heard Jesus speak to me by the inward witness “that is why you have to DRIVE them out.”  Without any effort on my part, the scriptures began to float up on the inside of me:
“…drive out demons.”  Matt 10:8    Amplified Version
“…drive out demons;”  Mark 16:17 Amplified Version
Again, without any effort on my part, I began to remember reading a book about Smith Wigglesworth.  The rough paraphrase goes like this:  The lady left home to go to work and was walking to the bus stop when she discovered that her pet dog was following her.  Two times the lady told the dog to go back home (Smith Wigglesworth was watching).  The dog turned to go home, but then turned again to follow the lady.  Finally, as the lady neared the bus stop to catch her ride to work, she turned and in an almost violent way, stomped her foot and yelled “GO HOME.”  The dog got the message and returned home which was now the third rebuke from the owner.
Again, without any effort on my part, I remembered the scriptures which said if you want what belongs to you (provided to you from heaven), you will have to get VIOLENT with the demons and evil spirits who are standing in your path like a bully to block and prevent you:
“…and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prize – a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense exertion].” Matt 11:12 (Amp)
“…and everyone strives violently to go in…” Luke 16:16 (Amp)
For some reason my personality is such that I find it difficult to water things down and make the truth more palatable for Christians to swallow.  It seems that if I become concerned about people’s potential reactions, then the message loses it punch.  Growing up on a farm, I oftern heard expressions like “if you cannot take the heat, then get out of the kitchen” or “if the shoe fits, then wear it” or “you made your bed, now lie in it” or “when chopping wood, let the chips fall where ever they may fall”.  I actually believe that Jesus on purpose made and designed me to be direct and to the point, and I feel that Jesus does hold me accountable to tell the “unvarnished truth” when he admonished me to “be bluntly truthful and brutally transparent.”  So… please forgive me for the “directness” or “tone” that follows because the truth is I have a responsiblity before Jesus to “tell it like it is.”
I think of how many times pastors or full time ministers (well intentioned but wrong none the less) would say to me that I did not have to raise my voice with emotional intensity to speak to a disease, sickness or problem saying that the enemy and/or God was not hard of hearing.  But they were wrong as the scriptures kept floating up on the inside of me:
“The earnest (heartfelt…) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous POWER available”  James 5:16 (Amp)
“And Jesus… DROVE OUT” the money changers  Matt 21:12 (Amp)
So, here is the point of the story thus far:
1.  Evil spirits and demons do not leave when you ask them to
2.  Evil spirits and demons do not leave when you tell them to
3.  They leave when you DRIVE them out forcibly.
Have you ever watched a bouncer enforce a customer to leave the restaurant?  Have you ever watched a policeman enforce a law breaker to surrender?
You might ask: So then, what is the cover up? The answer is quite simple: People (including Christians, Pastors and Full Time Ministers) are afraid of God and afraid of demons.
1.  Most Christians are afraid of demons – Most Christians would “freak out” and run out the door if a demon manifested.  The Christian has not been taught what to do.
2.  Most Christians are afraid of God – As children, we misbehaved in childhood and were “punished” for our wrong doing because we “made the parent mad and angry.”  So, Christians are afraid of God because they have believed the lie that because we humans sin every day, God is always mad and angry.  For example:
A.  As a child, if a ghost (demon) was in your closet or under your bed, just hide under the covers and hope it goes away (why would you ask God for help if you think he is angry and mad at you?)
B.  As children, we were told to be brave (and it was embarrassing to be labeled as a “fraidy cat”).  So we learned to stuff our fears instead of taking our fears to Father God.
3.  Most Christians, Pastors and Full Time Ministers know they have sin in their life that is unconfessed and recurring.  Therefore, that Christian, Pastor and Full Time Minister is afraid that if a demon manifests then it will jump on them!  Simply put, the Christian, Pastor, and Full Time Minister knows they already have sin issues in their life, that their life is not where it needs to be, so they do not want anything to do with deliverance ministry or if they do get involved they do not want to let a demon manifest because they know they do not want to be embarrassed by having their own sin issues revealed that exist in their personal life (and even more importantly, they do not want the other person’s demons to jump on them!)
Now that you know what is really going on – now you realize why THE CHURCH WORLD needs some LIES to COVER UP the truth:
Lie #1.  Once saved always saved!  –  This is a big fat lie.  If you have the free will choice to receive Jesus, then you have the same free will choice to kick Jesus back out.  (For a complete discussion of the subject, see Kenneth Hagin’s book “I Believe In Visions” page 72.)
Lie #2.  Christians cannot have demons!.  This is a big fat lie.  Christians can and do have demons in their body and soul, but not in their spirit.
Lie #3.  If a Christian does have a demon, do not let it manifest in church because that would be a public embarrassment.  This is a big fat lie.  Let me explain why Christians believe this lie:
A.  The reason why this lie appeals to the Christian goes like this – Why let everyone see your “issues” in public because “chances are”  the therapist, psychologist, and psychology based pastoral counseling department all have proven track records that you will NEVER get rid of those issues.  You just need to “hide those dirty little secrets” and learn how to live with them (keep them) and learn how to (manage them) by taking a “chill pill” along with the therapist’s “behavior modification” therapy and the psychologist’s “conceptual explanations.”  That’s GARBAGE.  Just DRIVE OUT the demon and the therapist, psychologist, and psychology based pastor will all take credit for your miraculous turnaround.
B.  Deliverance is the Miraculous Work of the Holy Spirit.  Why would the Christian, Pastor and Full Time Minister all put themselves in opposition to the work of the Holy Spirit?  Because they are AFRAID that their own sin issues will get revealed (and that would be embarassing), enable the demon(s) to jump onto them (that would be an additional problem), and everyone would know that the Christian, Pastor and Full Time Minister has no POWER (that they are a sham and a fraud).  Jesus summed it up in Matt 23:27 by saying that they were white, washed sepulchers!
Lie #4.  The public at large cannot handle the truth.  Here is the thought process of the lie – Do not alienate any people groups because it is too controversial, AND you will alienate the very people and people groups who would otherwise come to you for help.  That is a big fat lie.  Jesus has by the inward witness admonished (to urge to a duty and reminded) me to “bluntly tell the truth, and be brutally transparent”  as it is written “you shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”  John 8:32  You have to be willing to profess (declare openly and publicly) what you know and believe (it is a HYPOCRITE who feigns and puts on an appearance of some publicly approved attitude versus what they know to be true in their private life).
Again, without any effort on my part, here is what I heard next as it floated up on the inside of me “Oh the lies that have been foisted upon us.”  Now the word “foisted” is not a word that I have heard or used in a long time.  So, I had to look up the definition.  To foist means to force upon someone fraudulently and surreptitiously by secret stealth in a clandestine way.  A clandestine way means intentionally executed in a concealed way for the purpose of subversion.  Subversion means to undermine and corrupt in order to cause the down fall of someone or thing and thus be able to overthrow what has been established more easily.  The enemy has FOISTED his lies upon us FROM the pulpit, and MOST Christians have been swallowing the poison.  Kenneth Hagin would sometimes say “eat the hay but leave the sticks.”  The “unvarnished truth” is that it is not always easy to distinguish the hay from the sticks, but Jesus will hold EACH Christian responsible to judge truth from error.
1.  If you are a Pastor or Full Time Minister – what lies have you believed and are repeating?
2.  If you are a “Sunday morning only” Christian – Jesus will not let you use the excuse “that is what the pastor of our church taught us.”
The Bible tells us that the devil is the “father of lies” in John 8:44 which makes the devil “an amazing lie machine and manufacturer of lies.”  So now that your eyes have been opened (Matt 11:15) here are the remaining lies to take your stand against:
Lie #5.  You cannot or should not talk to demons because they are liars.   Ooops, but Jesus did. (Mark 5:6-10)  And Jesus said the things that He did we are to do also. (John 14:12)  Please note, Bible teachers agree on this and perhaps the easiest author to find and study is Kenneth Hagin’s book “I Believe In Visions” on page 79.
Lie #6.  You should not let demons manifest because it is degrading to the individual to be seen that way.  Ooops, but Jesus did let the demon manifest. (Mark 5:6-10)
Things to know:
1.  Demons/evil spirits like to stay hidden.  Therefore, it is the Holy Spirit that is causing the demon to be revealed and made manifest.  So let’s just be perfectly clear – as humans, none of us have (apart from God) what it takes to make a demon manifest – it is the supernatural, miraculous work of the Holy Spirit to expose and make a demon manifest.  Therefore, to stop the demon from manifesting is to put yourself in opposition to the work of the Holy Spirit.
2.  Certainly, you should control the demonic manifestation – yes – stay in charge.  Just prevent eveything but the information that you need which the Holy Spirit is trying to give to you.
Know this – If the person is not manifesting a demon, that is a GOOD thing (there are varying degrees of possession, see Kenneth Hagin’s “I Believe In Visions” page 78.).  If a person is only slightly possessed or torrmented or oppressed, then the demon does NOT have enough control – and that’s a good thing – that means that you and the person needing freedom can use your faith and the authority of God’s Word to get set free.  But… if the Holy Spirit decides that more POWER is needed to DRIVE OUT the demon or evil spirit – then cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit who is forcing the demon to be revealed and/or made manifest like a gift on a silver platter!
So, here is the information the Holy Spirit is helping you and me and the person needing freedom to discover by revelation and/or manifestation:
1.  Force the demon to disclose the door of entry (how the demon got in), and if the demon has a legal right to stay (a sin issue), and therefore, what might need to be renounced and/or repented of.  We call this the discovery of and the removal of legal rights so that the demon cannot stay and cannot come back.
2.  What is the demon’s functional name (what kind of demon is it, what kind of havoc does the demon do)
3.  What is the name of the chief ruling evil spirit.  Although I have heard deliverance ministers say that demons are dumb (not true) the Holy Spirit makes the demon appear dumb (forcing the demon to devulge information needed to be renounced and driven out).  The Holy Spirit has chosen which demon to manifest first, but you will need to discover who the Chief Ruling Evil Spirit is and/or ask how many are under it’s authority so that you can bind them all together and drive them out as one (at the same time, once and for all) which is what Jesus did in Mark 5:6-10 (does anyone think they can improve upon Jesus’ method?)
If… any person does not want to do deliverance then that person and the devil will manufacture all kinds of reasons for why all the above does not make sense.  The individual will come up with excuses like “well minister so and so does it a different way.”  Of couse, that is Biblical – because we read in 1 Cor 12:4-6 “diversities of gifts…differences of administrations…diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.”  Let’s not be guilty of making up excuses to avoid doing deliverance and inner healing ministry.  After all, Jesus told us that driving out demons is part of our job description as Christians (according to Matt 10:8 and Mark 16:17).  So, ask God which deliverance and inner healing ministry He wants you to learn from and as they say “get off of your launching pad!”  Let’s not be guilty of taking our talent(s) and doing nothing with it?  (Not a wise choice according to Matt 25:18)
What is an easy way to get started you might say.  I am glad you asked – click on the link
How To Get Started – Deliverance
Today, most Christians are believing the lie that you can “just get the tape”, listen to the teaching, and that KNOWLEDGE alone will cure you.  Oops, it does not work that way.  That is why we have House Church Ministries For Jesus every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm and you are invited.  Everyone needs some level of deliverance and inner healing, and our ministry approach is very gentle, non-threatening and fun!  You will feel much lighter, you will get your joy back, the sky will look blue again, and your relationship with Jesus will come alive.  OK.. you are already pefect… I get it.  But… surely you have some friends that have not reached pefection yet – do you know how to help them – bring a friend in need.  Weekly Meetings – Click Here
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