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I recently received a newsletter from Mark Virkler Ministries http://www.cwgministries.org whose newsletter documents:
1.  How he learned to “hear God’s voice” starting in 1979
2.  How he went through “inner healing” which resulted in the following:
A.  His arthritis disappeared within two weeks
B.  His inner compulsions to fear and anger disappeared
C.  His throat problem was healed
D.  His emotions were healed changing him from a pessimist to an optimist
E.  God began speaking to him in dreams
F.  His creativity was released and he has written 50 books thus far


I highly recommend that you go backwards through the archives on the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural http://www.sidroth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=tv_archives and there you will find many super natural ministers with words and testimonies that will encourage and instruct you.  Mark Virkler is just one of many speakers on Sid Roth’s website.


Anyway, when I received Mark Virkler’s newsletter, I thought I had better start writing down some of the recent miracles that I have received by doing the same thing that Mark Virkler did in the study of Inner Healing and Deliverance.


I have watched at least three Christians die pre-maturely (before the age of 70).  Two of these Christians had dedicated their lives to full time ministry.  So in addition to being born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and having a prayer life of speaking in tongues, they were also in full time ministry.  I prayed with them, I prayed for them, and I watched them suffer and die prematurely.  I wanted and asked Jesus for a “rhema” from Almighty God that would help them receive their miracle of healing.  I did not hear a “rhema” for them, and sadly, I attended their funerals.  As a result, I told Jesus I was not happy.  I told Jesus I was not OK with their pre-mature deaths.  I knew Jesus had not withheld his healing power from them.  I knew these three individuals had simply failed to receive what God Almighty had lavished upon them.


You might think Jesus may not approve of my attitude, but in fact, this attitude of desperation (ask, seek, knock) is the exact attitude necessary to receive direction by faith from Almighty God.  Jesus, in reply, spoke to me by the inward witness and told me to study inner healing and deliverance.  I have immersed myself in the WordChurchor Faith Camp Movement since the 1970’s and I love Kenneth Hagin’s teachings from Rhema Bible http://www.Rhema.Org from whom I learned the authority of the believer and how to operate in faith through the written Word Of God (the Bible).  However, it is the inner healing and deliverance camp that explains that sins present and past create soul wounds which give the devil “legal rights” to stay and oppress.  So… to say the same thing differently, we have to ask God to show us what legal rights are being used by the devil, which in turn reveals soul wounds that need to be processed with and healed by Jesus, which is the removal of sins.  In fact, the formula that I have started using is:
1.  Forgive and Bless the abuser,
2.  Confess and Repent that I did not handle the situation perfectly
3.  Ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse and heal me
The Road To Miracles With Jesus is a package deal:
Miracle #1 –  You must get born again
Miracle #2 –  You must get filled with the Holy Spirit and start speaking in tongues
Miracle #3 –  You must get delivered from the devil and his demons
Miracle #4 –  You must go through the process of inner healing


Books, books and more books have been written on each of the above four miracles, and I have been born again and filled with the Holy Spirit (with the evidence of speaking in tongues) since approximately 1978.  But… by continuing down The Road To Miracles With Jesus by going to the next mile marker to get the next miracle, by receiving Miracle #3 and starting the process of Miracle #4, I am receiving quite a few miracles, hence the purpose of this article – to document the miracles I have received (giving Glory to Jesus) before I forget the miracles that I have received (by taking them for granted).


I was experiencing a resurgence of neck pain from a past vehicle accident in which I was rear ended.   More surgery did not look like a solution, and more pain gave me a lot of motivation to hear from God. The miracle came (and the neck pain is gone) but look at the list of things Jesus had me do through the process of inner healing:
1. I received a 80% reduction in pain when – I had already forgiven the driver who rear ended me emotionally and psychologically, but forgot to release the $24,000 courtroom lien. So… I had the attorney cancel the $24,000 debt and notify the driver who rear ended me that Jesus took care of the debt (she was pretty happy, and so was I with the reduction in pain)


2.  I received another 10% reduction in pain when confessed and repented of:
A. Life long participation with rebellion
B. Life long participation with anger
C. Life long inherited generational curse coming down my blood line (Jesus gave me a very graphic dream on this)
D. Participation with spiritual pride


3.  I received the last 10% reduction in pain (became pain free) when the inward witness revealed a past memory I had forgotten that occurred in 10th grade of High School.  This incident happened four years BEFORE I was born again. In 10th grade of high school a fellow student had accidentally injured my neck (but I did not know my neck had been injured). So, I certainly was not harboring any unforgiveness (I had even forgotten the other students name). But… I finally heard Jesus explain by the inward witness that I had accidentally put a “word curse” onto myself by whatever I said (and I do not remember what I said, but it must have been bad).   Jesus spoke to me by the inward witness saying “you had put a word curse onto yourself.”  Then Jesus gave me scripture by saying “your words have been stout against me” and Jesus reminded me that the scripture verse was in Malachi 3:13.  I knew it was Jesus talking to me because I had forgotten that scripture (had not read Malachi for more than 30 years except the verse on tithing).  In fact, on the subject of inner healing, Malachi 3:2 describes God as “refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap” which is part of the inner healing process.


So, the miracles received continue:
1.  Miracle of healing – No more pain in the neck,
2.  Miracle of healing – No more kidney stones
3.  Miracle of no more nightmares – In spite of praying nightmares out of existence back during the 1970’s, there remained one recurring nightmare for the next 40 years which was one of being unprepared for a college test exam.  Once each month on average I would relive that situation in my dreams.  Faith camp teaching had told me to renew my mind with the Word, exercise my authority as a believer, and tell the devil to buzz off in the name of Jesus (which I had done successfully against all other nightmares).


But… inner healing and deliverance camp teaches to look for legal rights.  So, I asked Jesus, does the devil have a legal right to stay and torment me with the nightmare dream.  Jesus showed me by the inward witness that 40 years ago, I had worried and was anxious about that test.  Worry and anxiety is operating in fear, and fear is a sin.  Using faith camp teaching, an unconfessed sin will give you problems, and using inner healing and deliverance camp teaching a sin creates a soul wound which gives the demon a legal right to stay in your soul or body and oppress you.


So, I did the formula:
1.  Forgive and Bless – no one to blame but myself (no abuser)
2.  Confess and Repent – Lord Jesus, I confess the sin of fear from 40 years ago when I was in college and I choose to repent of the sin of fear and now give my fears to you Lord Jesus.
3.  Ask Jesus to forgive, cleans and heal me –  and Jesus did – never had that nightmare again!


In conclusion, doing steps #1 and #2 on The Road To Miracles With Jesus which was getting born again and getting filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues was not good enough.  I needed steps #3 and #4 which is getting delivered from the devil and his demons, and to start the process of inner healing.  But… it is a package deal – all 4 things are needed: Born again, Holy Spirit filled and speaking in tongues, deliverance, inner healing.  You need all four things if you want to flow in and receive miracles for yourself (and others).  So far, this has enabled me to receive the miracles as documented above.
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