Surgery Of 12/19/2012 Labeled A Success

Prior to surgery, the Urology doctor was of the opinion that the mass found via a CT Scan on my right kidney had a 97% chance of being cancer and that by removing the entire kidney, all the cancer could be removed before it had a chance to spread to other parts of the body.  Pathology analyzed the removed kidney and bladder stones and determined that the good doctor was correct.  The cancer had not spread, so medically speaking, this was the outcome that medical staff had hoped for.
Of course, when you are in a hospital with nothing to do but feel miserable, you do have a lot of time to pray in other tongues (which I did a lot of).  I will give you the positive spin first.  The Urology doctor believes it was a miracle to “coincidentally” find the mass on the right kidney during the CT Scan while looking for what turned out to be bladder stones inside the bladder which were causing some bleeding as they bumped up against the inside of the bladder wall.  I responded to the doctor’s comment by saying “there are some who believe that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”  The Urology doctor liked that interpretation a lot and said he could agree whole heartedly.
I was on floor 6 of Methodist Hospital which is the floor where cancer patients go.  I had determined to see how many nurses I could talk to who would be willing to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  I find that one of the keys to evangelism is to let Jesus give me a strategy (a way of approaching the person) which Jesus always does.  Keep in mind that I was on the cancer patient floor, so I simply told each nurse “I want to tell you about the miracle that Jesus did for me and the reason that I am here in the hospital.”  Well, when you start the story that way, each nurse was all ears and ready to listen.  I simply explained that Jesus saved my physical life by allowing some blood to show up in my urine, and that when I went in for a CT Scan to see what the problem was, we coincidentally discovered the mass before it could spread to other body parts – and truly, that is how Jesus decided to reveal the problem to me.
Then I told each nurse that there is a prayer that I like to pray with people that I meet.  So, I had each nurse read the prayer OUT LOUD “In the name of Jesus, Heavenly Father, I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again from the dead that I might have eternal life.  Lord Jesus, come into my heart.  I receive you now as my Savior and Lord” (Rom 10:9-10).  Then I asked – is that consistent with what you already believe.  Each nurse said yes.  So, I said, then let’s pray that prayer for real together right now and we joined right hands and prayed the prayer again as a public witness before each other that we had professed and confessed Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.
Each time I prayed that prayer with a nurse, the atmosphere changed and God’s presence entered the room, and I could tell that we had some how connected at the heart level.  After we prayed the prayer together, I would ask what church they were members of.  Several were catholic, and one in particular stammered for a while and finally said she was a member of the Salvation Army.  I told her the Salvation Army is a good organization and that I was familiar with the founder Willam Booth who was asked how he managed to get someone born again EVERY day.  William Booth replied that it was simple “I just ask Jesus to bring to me or show me who is ready to receive.”
Now everything that I have shared thus far is pretty positive, but there are some harsh realities that are not being taught in the church world today that I am having to learn the hard way.  The reason these harsh realities are not being taught in the church world today is because people do not want to hear about these harsh realities – called truth.
Harsh Reality #1 is that sickness and disease is the result of sin.  Sin gives the devil and his demons a legal right to attack you.  Sin falls into three categories 1). Ancestral sin with resulting generational curses – things you inherited and were born with, 2). Sins that were done to you after conception and before age of accountability of say age 13 – this includes prenatal while you were in the womb and early childhood abuse, 3). Sins that you did after the age of accountability.  Long story told short, if you have something going on in your body that you do not like, you have to ask Jesus to reveal what kind of sin issue you have to deal with to get rid of the disease demon that is afflicting you. Some common problems are detailed as follows  Your Sickness Caused By Which Sin
Harsh Reality #2 is that Jesus is The Boss which is why we call Him Lord.  The existing church world has come to believe that Jesus is a very nice, supernatural santa claus.  The truth is that Jesus created you and therefore OWNS you.  He did not create you in vain.  He does have a plan, purpose and destiny for your life in which He REQUIRES some things of you.  And… if you are not willing and obedient to serve Him you will make Him angry at you.  Jesus is not a puppet on a string.  Jesus gets to decide IF He is going to answer your prayer and HOW He is going to answer your prayer.
So, why did cancer show up on the inside of me?  And, why did Jesus let me go through surgery to remedy the problem?
I could be wrong, but I am inclined to believe that I had hung onto resentment.  Today, we would call it a “grudge”.  Now I had said the words “I choose to forgive everyone, anyone and everything” at least 50 to 100 times in the past two years.  But… the test would be if you saw that person walking down the side walk, would you look forward to saying “Hi” or would you cross over to the other side of the street to avoid interaction?  So, in my case the Holy Spirit gave me the names of 5 men to forgive more completely and also ask them to forgive me – which I did.
Next question – why did Jesus let me go through surgery?  I could be wrong, but I am inclined to believe Jesus let me go through surgery because it is both humbling and not a pleasant experience. In other words, learning how to forgive COMPLETELY is sooooo important in God’s world that Jesus decided in order to get my full cooperation and my complete and full surrender and submission, He purposefully brought this problem to my attention by sending me down the medical path (which is NOT what I wanted to do).
These things are consistent with what other Bible teachers have learned.  For example, one of my favorite Bible Teachers is Kenneth Hagin who wrote on page 96 of his book  I Believe In Visions about how the devil had arranged for an accident for Kenneth Hagin to injure his elbow which reads “You might ask why, if I knew that you were going to fall and hurt your arm, [why] I [Jesus] didn’t prevent it.  I could have of course, but I did not want to.  And instead of your being angry with me for not preventing it, you should be glad that I allowed it to happen.  If I hadn’t permitted satan to do this to arrest your attention, you would not have lived past the age of fifty-five because you would have continued in my permissive will instead of my perfect will.”  Then notice on page 98 Jesus told Hagin “that He would restore 99 percent of the use of that arm.  He said that He was going to leave that 1 percent disability to remind me not to disobey Him again…”
Or we could talk about Dr Paul Yonggi Cho who is credited with having the largest church in the world who explains in his book “Successful Home Cell Groups” on page 11 which reads “Father, I said, you gave all of these promises to us.  But, I claim them and you don’t heal me. Aren’t you going to heal me?  Then, I was startled by the very distinct voice of God – Son, I am going to heal you, but the healing is going to take ten years… For the next ten years, from 1964 to 1974 I felt as though I were dying at every moment.  It has become clear to me that an arrogant man pays a very high price – a hardened heart is very hard to break.”
And there are examples in Scripture.  In Genesis 32:25 God gave Jacob a permanent disability.  Or Numbers 20:11 in which Moses disobeyed God and was not allowed to enter the land promised to the Israelites.  Thus, it is possible to make God angry and doing so brings consequences.
Today, most Christians are believing the lie that you can “just get the tape”, listen to the teaching, and that KNOWLEDGE alone will cure you.  Oops, it does not work that way.  That is why we have House Church Ministries For Jesus every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm and you are invited.  Everyone needs some level of deliverance and inner healing, and our ministry approach is very gentle, non-threatening and fun!  You will feel much lighter, you will get your joy back, the sky will look blue again, and your relationship with Jesus will come alive.  OK.. you are already pefect… I get it.  But… surely you have some friends that have not reached pefection yet – do you know how to help them – bring a friend in need.  Weekly Meetings – Click Here
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