Some Supernatural Happenings

Some Supernatural Happenings!  Wow – Some supernatural things have been happening!  Tony Kemp did the work of a Pastor for many years until Father God launched him into a traveling minstry of Working Of Miracles and Prophetic Gifts.  Tony ministered 3 days on 8/17 – 8/19/2012 and we saw lot’s of miracles, inner healing as Father God ministered to the secrets of the person’s heart, and demonic powers were commanded to leave – and left.  If you missed that conference, do not miss Bob Larson 9/28/2012.  List Of Conferences Page.
Next, I want to introduce you to Prophet John Fenn, Director and Founder of a World Wide House Church Network called  Church Without Walls International – CWOWI . As a prophet, John received an apostolic mission from Jesus in February 2001 (a prophet with an apostolic mission – almost confusing) that after the Charismatic Move of the 60’s and 70’s, people have been asking “where and what is the next move of the Holy Spirit?”  Jesus appeared to John in February 2001 to explain that House Church is the next move and it will be an abiding move. Read the story for yourself – HERE.
Prophet John Fenn has been on the Sid Roth It’s Supernatural website where John explains that he sees into the spirit realm all the time including the particular video recording in which Sid interviewed John.  Listen to John as he tells the story of how through three supernatural visitations, Jesus taught John Fenn how the House Church will be the abiding move that recaptures the Glory of God just like the First Church experienced – For Video Clip – Click Here.
House Church Ministries For Jesus – every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm we do House Church and you are invited.  Everyone needs some level of deliverance and inner healing, and our ministry approach is very gentle, non-threatening and fun!  You will feel much lighter, you will get your joy back, the sky will look blue again, and your relationship with Jesus will come alive.  50% of all new marriages end in divorce, would you like to save your marriage!  Maybe you are single and seeking the spouse Jesus has picked for you – we are not a dating service, but Jesus is the perfect match maker. Weekly Meetings – Click Here
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