Prayer With Missionary Kristi Nelson

Just a quick update – tonight 6/28/2011 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm we did House Church with Missionary Kristi Nelson in the chapel at The Lutheran Home where Kristi is temporarily staying as she looks to Jesus as her healer and deliverer.

We had 10 people present:  Missionary Kristi, sister Marva, Miracle Receiver Bob Karcher, Pastor Willard, servant leaders Leo, Don, Seth, Dwight, Susan and Rick Hollman (keep in mind if I think I see ministry anointing on someone I might give you any title I feel the Holy Spirit and Jesus has impressed upon me which may or may not be recognized by the rest of the body of Christ).

We opened with prayer, invited Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and discharged away any and all evil spirits from the room.  Seth proceeded with the reading of scriptures that Jesus had given him for the meeting.  We had Kristi share from both her heart and experience as a missionary to India so we could get to know her better (and Kristi is definitely full of faith for victory over the amyloidosis diagnosis).  Bob Karcher shared some of his testimony of victory over rheumatoid arthritis (including demonstration of ability to do deep knee bends – praise Jesus). 

We prayed a general prayer together (prayer to pray out loud posted earlier (  Seth prayed over Kristi using information we received from Christ Is Lord church here in Omaha, NE which contained relevant information as to the spiritual roots of the disease as well as relevant medical facts to reverse the effects of the disease.  Kristi exercised her authority in Christ Jesus to produce freedom and healing from the disease (so we have a miracle in the making that we will continue to give Jesus thanks for by faith knowing Jesus hears and answers our prayers and is producing the miracle that Kristi needs).

Several began to worship Jesus in song as the Holy Spirit moved on each person to lead with a song.  Each person took turns sharing what the Lord had impressed on them as well as what they had experienced.  Bob Karcher shared that he felt a blast of cold air during worship (in a room with no moving air – obviously the demons and evil spirits had to leave in a hurry as the presence of the Lord arrived to bless our prayers in faith and our worship of God Almighty).  I think Willard has an obvious pastoral anointing and indeed does volunteer ministry as a chaplain, so Pastor Willard (not yet ordained, but that does not stop me from prophesying it to him) was gracious to close us in prayer.

So… we had House Church.  It seemed both normal and supernatural.  Some prayed in English, some prayed in tongues, everyone was both loud and unrestrained as I prophesized scriptures from Isaiah 55:11, Ezekiel 37:3-5, Ezekiel 16:6, Isaiah 40:28-31 and Isaiah 41:13.  In other words… we had church.  We commanded the devil and his unclean, evil spirits to leave and stay away with no counter attacks on Kristi’s healing.  It was body ministry meaning each person had opportunity to say and do whatever Jesus had put in their heart and mind to say or do (I must say that I am rather proud of each person who was present, as well as, those who prayed from home while the meeting was in progress).

Continue to support Kristi in prayer because medical science offers no hope.  So, we fight the good fight of faith just like Abraham who when all hope in the natural was gone, he hoped on based upon what God’s words had said knowing that He would bring it to pass. 

I cannot emphasize enough that KNOWLEDGE is only the first step, INSTRUCTION is only the first step, PLEASE call so we can plug you into a GROUP or WORKSHOP because humans LEARN by DOING and PRACTICING in a group or workshop with other Christians – not reading an article.

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