Jesus has been telling me to help people receive miracles from Jesus. Here is what you
need to know:

  1. Jesus always, always, always WANTS to give you a miracle. Jesus WILL NOT withhold a miracle from you.  Jesus wants you to ask him for a miracle every time you need one (or someone else needs one – you have His permission to ask for miracles for others). Jesus will not withhold any good thing from you. Jesus is the “able and willing” GIVER and you are the “forgot to ask and problematic” RECEIVER.
  2. There are reasons why people do not receive a miracle – but Jesus is willing to give you the miracle, and Jesus wants to give you the miracle NOW (not later).

Luke 11:10 – You have to ASK
Mark 9:23 – All things are possible to him that believes
Matt 13:58 – You can shut Jesus down and stop the miracle. Ooops, so much for the
“sovereignty of God” garbage that 95% of the church world preaches every Sunday.

Yes – Jesus is God. Yes – Jesus is sovereign. And YES – Jesus has sovereignly chosen to:

  1. Sovereignly limit Himself
  2. Sovereignly mandate some rules and conditions
  3. Sovereignly give you some authority and responsibility (to obey His rules and conditions that He sovereignly chose to impose on you), because
  4. He has sovereignly chosen to give YOU the power of CHOICE

Deut 30: 19 – I call heaven and earth to record this day … I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, BLESSING and CURSING: therefore CHOOOOOOOSE life …

Do you get it?????  YOU are not waiting on God.  Jesus is waiting on YOU!!!!!!

Let’s look at an example in the Old Testament.  I want you to see a situation where God FAILED.  You heard me, I said God failed:

  1. Failed to convince – inspite of doing miracles, signs and wonders
  2. Failed to cause man to receive – because man has the right to choose

Because God has LIMITED HIMSELF and delegated the correct amount of corresponding authority and responsibility to YOU when He SOVEREIGNLY CHOSE to give YOU the power of CHOICE.  Have you already forgotten Deut 30:19?  Jesus has SOVERIGNLY CHOSEN blessing for you, but He is letting YOU choose to take CURSING and DEATH if that is what you PREFER.

Jesus is my witness, and I hereby ask Jesus to permanently record this day 3/12/2011 that I have told the world the truth (even if it hurts your feelings), and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32).  If I have hurt your feelings – I simply apologize as that was not my intent.  If you will call me, I will pray for your feelings to be healed.

Now let’s look at the Old Testament example where God failed (because He chose to limit Himself).  The book of Exodus records how the children of Israel had become slaves in Eygpt, and they cried out to God (they ASKED God for a MIRACLE) for deliverance from the Egyptians.  Now, for the children of Israel who were SLAVES without weapons to set themselves free – that truly requires a MIRACLE – and God did walk them right out of Eygpt, and there wasn’t a thing in the world the Eygptians could do about it or stop it.  The children of Israel ASKED for a MIRACLE and God GAVE them what they asked for.

Here is where God failed (because He has LIMITED Himself).  God was successful in moving the children of Israel out of Eygpt, but God was not able to get Eygpt out of the children of Israel – and God tried for 40 years.  In the end, God was only successful in getting Eygpt out of TWO of the children of Israel.  Think about that – it is estimated that 6 million people walked out of Eygpt and of the adults only TWO  – Joshua and Caleb – were able to RECEIVE the promise of God and enter the promised land:

  1. God SOVEREIGNLY LIMITED Himself when he GAVE the power of CHOICE to man.
  2. When God gave the power of choice to man, He had to also DELEGATE the necessary AUTHORITY and RESPONSIBILITY that goes WITH the power of choice (God does things the right way and NEVER makes a mistake)
  3. So, God could get the children of Israel out of Eygpt because they ASKED, but God could not get Eygpt out of the children of Israel because He gave them the power of choice.
  4. God wanted the children of Israel to CHOOOOOOOSE life, but the children of Israel FAILED to RECEIVE.

Jesus is GOD and He is NOT WITHHOLDING from you.  So the truth is that there is no failure on God’s part to do His part of His promise.  The failure is when MAN FAILS TO ASK or FAILS TO RECEIVE.  So, now that we have established that Jesus is not withholding a miracle from you, the question is why have YOU failed to receive?

There are hundreds of ways that we can fail to RECEIVE.  Give us a call:

  1. We will help you become convinced that Jesus wants you to ASK for a miracle and RECEIVE your miracle from Jesus
  2. We will ask Jesus to reveal to you and us where the blockage is in your life or thinking so that the blockage will be removed and you can RECEIVE your miracle from Jesus.

Rick Hollman
House Church Ministries for Jesus

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