Jezebel Is The Evil Spirit Of Divorce

The Bible warns us about an evil spirit called jezebel and that we as Christians are not to tolerate this evil spirit “But I have this against you: that you tolerate the woman jezebel” (Rev 2:18-29).
The spirit of divorce has a name.  The spirit of divorce is jezebel.  Jezebel is the spirit of divorce.
According to www.Amazon.Com, there are 1,100 books written on the subject of jezebel.  I have read some of those books and several articles.  Most of the books talk about “jezebel in the church”, but as I watch the lives of friends and family, I can tell you that jezebel is in THE HOME , our culture, our society, our churches and our government.  Jesus has impressed upon me to write about this evil spirit called jezebel as I take my stand upon and under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
The Bible in Genesis Chapter 3 credits satan as the one who attacked the very first husband and wife marriage on planet earth.  Later, an Old Testament Queen called jezebel would provide the functional name of this evil spirit which attacks EVERY marriage in the United States and around the globe.  What I am trying to say to you is that the jezebel spirit existed long before it acquired it’s functional name from the Old Testament Queen called jezebel.  In fact, we can see the operating style and method of the jezebel spirit way back in Genesis Chapter 3 as satan ATTACKED and DEFEATED Adam and Eve who had not yet inherited the fallen nature of sin.
Today, in the United States, at least 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  I am here to tell you that the spirit of divorce has a name, and that name is jezebel.  The jezebel spirit is the spirit of divorce that destroys marriages.  Just think, EVERY person in the United States will be attacked by jezebel, and statistically, more than 50% of the nation have lost that battle – now that should get your attention!!
Although most authors explain that jezebel most often uses the woman as host and makes the man the target, Scripture gives example of jezebel using a man as the host to attack another man as the target.  What Jesus has impressed upon me to explain is that the jezebel spirit attacks marriages (husbands and wives).  The jezebel spirit is focused upon destroying the marriage relationship by targeting the husband, and GRADUALLY destroying the wife host.  You must understand that if Adam and Eve where attacked back in the Garden Of Eden, YOU have NO CHANCE of being overlooked by the devil.  Again, jezebel attacks EVERYONE and statistically more than 50% of the population end up losing that battle.
The operating style and method is revealed in Genesis:
1.  The planting of a lie… “Ye shall not surely die” Gen 3:4
2.  The suggestion of mistrust… “For God doth know… your eyes shall be opened” (Gen 3:5)
It’s that simple – a false accusation (a lie) plus the suggestion that the target (in this case God the Father) should not be trusted.  As you can see, the devil called God Almighty a “liar” by saying “Ye shall not surely die.”  Then the devil suggested MISTRUST by saying that God Almighty did not have Adam and Eve’s best interests in mind.  James 4:7 tells us to “submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  Adam and Eve did not submit to God – the devil deceived Eve to take (usurp: to use without legal right or authority) God’s authority into her own hands and Adam allowed it to happen as he watched her do it “…and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat.” (Gen 3:6)
As a result of this mistake (sin) on the part of both Adam and Eve, and for reasons best known to Father God, God Almighty sovereignly decreed that the husband would be the head (the authority) over the marriage just as Jesus is the head (the authority) over the entire Body Of Christ as stated in Gen 3:16 and Eph 5:23.  Because the husband is the person God Almighty set as authority over the marriage, then the evil spirit of jezebel attacks ALL marriages (and statistically wins more than 50% of the battles) just like the marriage of Adam and Eve – entice the wife to NOT SUBMIT to the husband’s headship authority just as Eve was enticed to NOT SUBMIT to God’s headship authority in the Garden Of Eden.
The jezebel game is designed to destroy relationships (like marriage relationships).  To play the jezebel game we need one person to volunteer to be the host (wife) and we need one person to volunteer to be the target (husband).  Now, the evil jezebel spirit has been around for thousands of years working it’s curse on each new generation.  So, first the jezebel spirit needs to cause the prior generation father to (let’s say) want a boy child so that the girl child will feel rejection from the father OR cause the girl child to feel abandoned by the father by getting the father to be emotionally unavailable (working two jobs and come home tired and grumpy).  As the father angrily voices his displeasure that the girl child should be seen but not heard, the girl child becomes fearful of the father (and all men).  Because she is afraid of her father, she can never tell her hopes, dreams or concerns to her father.  In addition to fear, the girl child also feels the shame of being unwanted.
The girl child’s feelings of rejection and abandonment (over time) have now produced a belief system of fear and shame, which in turn produces behaviors of  being a people pleaser and perfectionist.  Afraid of her father (and all men) with feelings of shame (being unwanted) provide the motivation to do anything to please (to get some needed attention) and perfectionism (mistakes trigger father’s anger, so be good and act perfect and maybe he will start to like you just a little bit).
Now, let’s go back to the jezebel game.  The little girl is now an adult woman.  She has learned that her earthly father (who shaped her view of all men, husbands and Father God) did not want her and left her to defend herself (or worse, abused her).  She felt intimidated by and was actually afraid of her earthly father.  So now as an adult woman she has learned that fathers (and men in general) only disappoint or hurt you (emotionally and physically).  So, you have to control or attack those men who have authority over you before they disappoint or hurt you again (these men include your earthly father, your husband, the male manager at work, your pastor, and God The Father in heaven).
What the little girl needed was a true father that would demonstrate that she is valuable, loved and protected.    But instead, the little girl had to develop a mode of self-protection, had to learn ways to control circumstances, and had to learn how to avoid further pain and harm.  What the little girl accumulated over the years was a lot of anger, rage, bitterness and unforgiveness. All those memories have never been processed with Jesus nor healed by Jesus.  The anger energy from the past declares that trust is gone, be suspicious of anyone who resembles those from the past, the new motto is hurt others first to “disarm potential attackers” which explains how the jezebel host can actually plot who they want to hurt and feel good about it.
At this point, we might feel sad for the woman who had all these bad things happen to her.  But… we also feel sad for let’s say a serial killer.  The serial killer (like the person with the jezebel spirit) was also a victim of circumstances, but for reasons of safety, you do not want to marry a serial killer.  Before you try to help the person with the jezebel spirit – remember, you are the next target:
1.  Jezebel must destroy those they are afraid of because they have a spirit of fear, others are a threat to their security or position, they are highly insecure but will not admit it, and anyone who may expose them is the enemy.
2.  They are controlling, manipulative and subtle.  They take credit for the accomplishments of others and have others overlooked.
3.  Lying is necessary to protect themselves from mistakes they make (but blame others for).  They lie, and they know they are lying.
4.  They are narcissistic (in love with themselves only) and have no concern for the feelings of their victim.  In fact they tend to play the role of victim themselves to gain support and sympathy.  They are committed to only one thing – getting what they want no matter what the cost is to others.
5.  They quietly record criticisms from others and then manufacture false accusations to be released in secret meetings behind their victim’s back.  Of course they do not see this as gossip but label it as “sharing a concern.”
6.  Absolutely masterful in attacking and denying, as jezebel will have you discredited or removed.  Again, absolutely masterful in winning compassion and support from others by appearing to be an innocent bystander while making you look like the abusive attacker by manipulating you into lets say frustration or anger.  Will often cycle between being the attacker and being a victim which is done purposefully to confuse you.  Careful investigation must be made to distinguish the real victim from the fake (jezebel) one.
7.  They rationalize and defend, but never admit they were wrong.  The devil and his demons are masterful at masking, hiding and camouflaging.  Therefore, in the husband and wife relationship, the jezebel spirit will launch it’s attack through the host during PMS (the PreMenstrual cycle).  So yes, PMS affects the woman’s hormone levels, associated body chemicals and therefore accomplishes mood swings (tension, irritability, crying spells, anxiety, depression), but… just as the military launches their attack at night, jezebel launches it’s attack during PMS so no one suspects demonic activity by saying “it’s just PMS” when the truth is that it is PMS and a whole lot more.
8.  They are usually women but can be men.  The women tend to control their men with sex.  They pick passive men so they can dominate them.
9. Jezebel will make false allegations and call the police. The father will get dragged through the courts multiple times in a few years.  Each case involves hundreds of pages of documents that he has to answer as a result of new evidence or complaints and will spend days in court at a huge cost to defend himself.
10.  Psychological counseling will not help because the individual will both deny what they are and deny they have the evil spirit of jezebel motivating and/or controlling them.  Jezebel lacks the internal emotional mechanisms to have healthy relationships because they have been emotionally damaged in early childhood and are therefore emotionally and relationally underdeveloped.  Think of the jezebel person as a “two-year-old.”
11. Under the control of a demonic spirit, the mental and emotional health of the jezebel will continue to deteriorate.  The jezebel (sociopathic) mother will allow a new partner to sexually abuse a child in an effort to purposefully inflict emotional damage to the child and turn the child into a manipulative mini-me.  The courts do not recognize the sociopathic woman as incapable of functioning as a mother nor does the court see the demonic aspect of the jezebel.  The jezebel uses the child as a tool to manipulate and control the father and extract finances from the father.  The father is left to helplessly watch as precious children suffer at the hands of their mother.
The Bible tells us that our battle is not with flesh and blood.  Our battle is with evil spirits and demons influencing and/or controlling the person that needs help (Eph 6:12).  Our job is to pray and intercede so that God Almighty can help the person who needs the help (2 Tim 2:25, 2 Chron 7:14).  If the person needing the help is unwilling to receive help from Jesus, we can still pray the curse breaking prayers for them on their behalf (Intercession: pleading on behalf of another person, a prayer to God on behalf of another):
The person needing help (the jezebel host, the jezebel target, the jezebel victims) will need to do the following simple formula to start receiving what they need from Jesus:
1. Forgive and bless (say the words OUT LOUD, I choose to forgive others for what they did, I choose to not blame you Jesus for what happened, I ask you Jesus to bless them, and I choose to forgive myself – all of that should be said OUT LOUD)
2. Confess and repent (say the words OUT LOUD, I confess that I did not handle the situation perfectly, I choose to repent by looking to God for help rather than what I was doing)
3. Ask Jesus to forgive you, cleanse you, and heal you (again say those words OUT LOUD, I ask you Jesus to forgive, cleanse and heal me).
Whether you are jezebel’s host or target or victim, the curse breaking prayers
and the 3 step formula above will get you started down the path of receiving your miracle from Jesus.
The last scenario to be aware of is when a man is attacking another man.  For example, a family friend or family relative may target a father or grandfather in an effort to keep the spouse and/or grandchildren away from the father or grandfather who wants to steer his family and descendants toward a Christ centered life.  In this case, it is a man that is the host of either an evil jezebel spirit or an evil luciferian spirit.  Once again the goal of the evil spirit (jezebel or luciferian) is to use the host to destroy relationships and divide families.  If you allow yourself to get into a debate or argument, then you have taken the bait of satan.
The bait of satan is to cause the host to do extremely hurtful things in an effort to pull you into an argument (dog fight).  In stead of a dog fight, the battle has to be won in prayer.  Bless him with your mouth and with your heart, but take authority over the evil spirit in prayer by commanding the evil spirit to release it’s hold on him.  Most likely you will have to daily or hourly forgive and bless, confess and repent, then ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse and heal while you pray the curse breaking prayers over the man’s life that is doing the attacking (but do not fight with him).
As explained by Tim Mather in his book “Out Of Bondage” pages 142 -145, you should treat him with respect and be loving and affirming.  Pray quietly in tongues when the man is in your presence, and during your prayer time speak and prophesy the scriptures against the evil spirit so that the host which is being held captive can be set free.  Eventually the attacking male host will recognize his demonization and become desperate to be set free as an affirmative act of his own free will.  You just have to be patient and wait for the attacking male to become desperate.  Until he is desperate, he will remain subject to the learned behavior acquired under the evil spirit’s influence.
Whether it is a girl child or a boy child, if the child suffered some kind of significant abuse, significant abandonment, significant rejection, or a heavy hand from an emotionless father, or a verbally demeaning and/or physically abusive father or other bad situation – these experiences cause the child to feel helpless and out of control which in turn sets the stage and opens a door for demonization as the surviving child seeks to control and protect themselves and their already badly damaged self perceptions.  Please note, it does not always have to be abuse.  Fatherly neglect or a domineering mother is as likely a doorway for demonization as trauma or abuse.
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