Free Healings – Luke 10:9

I have simply purposed to write and share whatever Jesus gives me to share, and today I feel impressed to talk about an outline that I have in mind for House Church Ministry.  We could call it structure, we could call it apostolic architecture, or we could just call it an outline to have in mind for any given House Church meeting.

What is easier to remember – Luke 9:10 or Luke 10:9?  So much of what I teach and do are things I have learned from others.  For example, I don’t know much about Peter Horrobin at but it looks like an excellent ministry.  On a Sid Roth interview Peter Horrobin said that he built his entire ministry on the scripture verse in Luke 9:11 (which is pretty close to Luke 9:10) in which Jesus did three things:

  1. Step #1 – Jesus made people feel welcomed, loved and accepted (If you don’t do step one, then people will not receive your teaching)
  2. Step #2 – Jesus taught them about the Kingdom of God
  3. Step #3 – Jesus healed ANY and ALL who needed healing (healing is a free gift that is undeserved and free for the asking – just like asking Jesus into your heart)

In an effort to do step #1 in House Church Ministry, I try to listen by asking a question – How did Jesus become real to you?  And then I shut up and listen!

  1. If I think they are fuzzy on whether or not they are actually born again, we talk about a little tract that I hand out that has a simple prayer to ask Jesus into their hearts and we pray that prayer together so the person can have assurance of salvation.
  2. If I think they are definitely born again, then I hand out the same little tract with the prayer to ask Jesus into their hearts and we pray that prayer together so they can get comfortable carrying the tract on their person so that when they are talking to someone over the next 7 days, they will be able to help that new person receive Jesus.
  3. Do you see what just happened?  We are DOING evangelism, and we are teaching evangelism by DEMONSTRATING and PRACTICING.  Most people learn best by DOING not by HEARING, and sharing Jesus is both fun and contagious.

When we pray the prayer to ask Jesus into our hearts (or practice praying the prayer to ask Jesus into our hearts) it is completely natural to do two things:

  1. Now that you have asked Jesus to forgive you and be your Savior and Lord, Jesus wants YOU to forgive EVERYONE else in your life.  Are you willing to forgive everyone else in your life?  Now, let’s practice a prayer that we can pray every day whereby we forgive others (and I give them a handout/another tract, that has a model prayer to pray).
  2. Now that you have made a conscious and public decision to forgive EVERYONE, including anyone that the Holy Spirit just prompted you to mention by name, are there any needs for healing?  There is almost always someone that needs to receive some healing or if everyone is healed up we can still practice AND TAKE TURNS praying for someone that we know (I insist that EVERYONE pray at some point before the meeting is over – either for themselves or someone else).
  3. Do you see what just happened?  We are DOING forgiveness, and we are teaching forgiveness by DEMONSTRATING and PRACTICING.  We are DOING healing, and we are teaching healing by DEMONSTRATING and PRACTICING.  Also, we are DOING prayer, and we are teaching prayer by DEMONSTRATING and PRACTICING.

When you pray for or with someone, tell them that you usually as part of the prayer will at some point pray in tongues, and ask them if that is ok.  If it is not ok with them, you can hand them Ken Hagin’s mini book on “Why Tongues”, and tell them that you can pray with them next week when they come back because praying in tongues allows you to:

  1. Pray the perfect prayer, and release the power of God for miracles, but
  2. They are free to stick around and watch because there is almost always someone else around that DOES want ministry and prayer
  3. Do you see what just happened?  We are DOING the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and we are teaching the infilling of the Holy Spirit by DEMONSTRATING and PRACTICING.  Again, Most people learn best by DOING not by HEARING.

Think about it – this is foundational Christianity (the minimum basics of Christianity) which is DOING and DEMONSTRATING (not just talking about) at least two of the three baptisms which are REQUIRED so that you do not remain a baby/carnal Christian who needs to have his diapers changed by others.  So that YOU can become a MATURE and FULL FUNCTIONING adult capable of teaching and training others:

  1. Believe and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord (baptism into the Body of Christ)
  2. Be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues (baptism in the Holy Spirit)
  3. Be water baptized as a young adult or adult – outward sign of an inward happening and an act of obedience (water baptism)

Again, think about it – do you want to be a child who should have thrown the bottle away years ago and still has to have his diapers changed by someone else – or do you want to be a grown up?

Next, we want to just take a minute to WORSHIP, and THANK, and PRAISE Jesus, our Father God and the Holy Spirit for everything He has just done – oh thank you Jesus for who you are, for what you have done, and for being in our lives.  Thank you Lord Jesus for leading, guiding, and directing us every day and for teaching us and helping us to learn what you want us to know and do.  We choose to model our thinking and behavior after you Lord God Almighty because we want to become just like you Lord Jesus – we worship you.  What just happened?   We did worship and praise.

Now before people leave tell them “I sure love you brother, I sure love you sister, and I am so glad that you came tonight.  You and I are going to have a great week this week because Jesus is with us tonight, and we are going to take Jesus with us everywhere we go tomorrow and the rest of the week.”  Now, let yourself hear yourself LAUGH because laughter is medicine to your flesh.

What I just described above is – SIMPLE CHURCH, and it will turn the world upside down.  It is also repentance – walking and living your life in a new direction.  It’s evangelism, it’s discipleship, it’s really simple and contagious, and it really makes you and others around you free. 

Who knows, Jesus might even give you an idea for a new T-Shirt to have made.  Attached is the idea that Jesus gave me this past week – I had 12 of them made for $10 each and if you would like one, it’s yours for $10 – or you may get a new idea of your own.

I cannot emphasize enough that KNOWLEDGE is only the first step, INSTRUCTION is only the first step, PLEASE call so we can plug you into a GROUP or WORKSHOP because humans LEARN by DOING and PRACTICING in a group or workshop with other Christians – not reading an article.

Please invite your friends to request to be put on the email mailing list to receive future newsletters – and call me so we can start a group, or workshop, or house church at your house.

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