February 2013: The Story And Reflection

A lot has happened in the past 23 months since March 2011.  Prior to March 2011, Jesus would give me sermons to preach (but I had no one to preach them to).  The sermons would just roll around on the inside of me.  Finally, I just typed the sermon on paper, took a piece of scotch tape, and taped it on my office wall (for me to look at).  Then, Jesus would give me another sermon.  So, I would again type it and scotch tape it to my office wall.  The third time this happened, I said “Jesus, why are you giving me sermons to preach when I have no one to preach them to?”  In reply, I heard the inward witness say “start a website” which I did in March 2011.
Now, keep in mind, that I have never had a website before and knew nothing about starting one.  So, I asked the Lord “What name shall I give to the website?”  I heard “House Church Ministries.”  Well, that domain was already taken, so I added the words “For Jesus” which made it unique (no one else on the globe had thought of that name).  Since HouseChurchMinistriesForJesus is kinda long, I checked to see if the abbreviation HCMFJ.Com was available – and it was.  So, I purchased the two domain names.  I told the Lord, “I have purchased the domain names, but that is not a website, who is going to help me turn a domain name into a website?”
True story – the inward witness told me to call Jeff who remodeled our bathroom.  He is a Christian, he has a website, and the Web Developer is a Christian.  Jeff had me call web developer, Charlie.  So, I called Charlie, who like Jeff, is a fine Christian businessman.  When I talked to Charlie, he wanted to help me, but was already too busy.  So, we just spent the next 15 minutes on the phone talking about how he got to know the Lord.  Then, all of a sudden, I heard the inward witness say to me “tell Charlie you just hired him as your web developer.”  So, I told Charlie that Jesus just told me – you are hired – you and Jesus work out the details, but you Charlie are it.  Unbeknown to me, Charlie DID pray about it.  He called me back and said he would help me to get started.  So then, I told the Lord – I have no money set aside for a web developer – you Lord Jesus will have to take care of this.  After the website was launched, I had Charlie come over to my house for a cup of coffee (which was the first time I had met Charlie in person).  I said, Charlie, you have never sent me an invoice.  You need to send me an invoice for your time and effort – Charlie refused.  So now, every time I think of this HCMFJ.Com website, I say “God bless Charlie – bless his finances Lord and bless his business and family.”
I figure the website belongs to Jesus.  So today, I said “what do you want me to put into the monthly newsletter?”  What I heard was “tell the story, and reflect on what has been accomplished.”  So, the above explains how the website came into existence, and what I share next explains how Jesus has made it to grow:
1.  Our newsletters now go into two foreign countries – Alberta, Canada and Tanzania, Africa.  I will be excited to see what additional countries Jesus will add to the list.
2.  Our newsletters now go into quite a few states here in USA.  See if your state is on the list: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, LA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NY, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TX, VA.  AND… this has all happened by word of mouth – Amazing!
AND…this is only the beginning of the excitement.  True story – a friend of mine, Seth, told me about the website Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.  So, I was going back through the archives and for reasons I cannot explain, I was attracted to past guest speaker Tony Kemp.  I looked up Tony’s travel itinerary but there was nothing showing that he would be traveling to any location near Omaha, NE.  But, I saw that he had just finished a conference at a church in Michigan.  I called the pastor in Michigan who had all wonderful things to say about Tony Kemp.  I explained that I wanted to arrange for Tony to come to the Omaha area.  The Michigan pastor gave me Tony’s cell, and Tony said he was soon to minister at http://www.jubileeministry.com/
Now get this… (and this is giving me goose bumps as I write), we went to Jubilee Ministry Center in Olathe, KS where Tony Kemp was doing ministry and met the pastors, Pastors Dan & Cindie Crevier:
1.  Pastor Dan & Cindie Crevier had already had a dream from Jesus about starting a ministry in Omaha, NE.  I encouraged Dan & Cindie to consider using the Ramada Convention Center in Omaha, NE to host their first meeting which is now scheduled for 3/15-3/16/2013 Freedom, Hope & Healing Conference
2.  I asked Tony Kemp who Tony might know that is already doing House Church ministry, and Tony recommended me to John Fenn (Jesus appeared to John in a vision to start a global network of House Churches), and now John Fenn is going to do a meeting here in Omaha, NE for one day only on 3/11/2013 John Fenn Meeting – Omaha NE
3.  Now, I am sending out these newsletters to subscribers in more than 23 states and two foreign countries, scheduling conferences, AND our House Church which meets every Tuesday evening is making a National and Global impact:
A. Tab-Videos, on How To Get Someone Born Again, and the tract to use (developed by Rick Hollman, over 30 years of experience) Free Gift Coupon
B. Tab-Remove Strongholds, on how to get the new Christian delivered and inner healed (developed by Paul Hollis, over 20 years of experience)
C. Tab-Discipleship, on how to disciple that new Christian (developed by Andrew Wommack, and this material is changing the nation of Uganda)
D. Tab-Downloads, has excellent Teaching Articles that you need to read, speak into the atmosphere and do. See the section Rick Hollman for articles that I write during the month but only publish once per month in these monthly newsletters such as:
Who Sinned – Blind Man Or Parents
Revile Not – But Do Admonish And Reprove
You cannot just “know and believe.” You must ALSO “apply and receive.”  So “selah: pause and calmly think about that.”  In other words, we have to impart and transfer the anointing to you (Jesus BREATHED ON THEM John 20:22, Apostle Paul explains how anointing is imparted by prophecy and laying on of hands 1 Tim 4:14).  You cannot “just get the tape” and assume that teaching and knowledge will somehow land upon you.  We have to “assemble ourselves together” as explained in Heb 10:25.  In the old testament, the Jewish people would travel a long distance to “assemble together.”  Mary, the mother of Jesus rode a donkey while pregnant – do you want to ride a donkey when you are expecting to have a baby any day?  Jesus blessed you with a comfortable car (rather than a donkey) to attend one of our Tab-Conferences.
That is why we have House Church Ministries For Jesus every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm and you are invited.  Surely you have some friends that have not reached pefection yet, or are struggling in some area of their life (health, relationships, and finances).  Do you know how to help them – bring a friend in need. Weekly Meetings – Click Here
Mark your calendar, mark YOUR calendar, mark your CALENDAR now to see John Fenn here in Omaha, NE for one day only on March 11, 2013 List Of Conferences Page.
Rick Hollman Director of HCMFJ.com
Email: HollmanInsuranceGroup@Cox.Net
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