Christians Need Deliverance

When we think of the word deliverance, we think of a person possessed by a demon and the demon is manifesting through the individual in perhaps a violent or odd way complete with vomiting. And, certainly that does happen to people here in the USA and other countries. In fact, I now have several different ministry friends and basically their full time job is casting demons out of people.
We do not have time in this short video to explain why every human born on this planet needs to do 4 things:
1. Get born again
2. Get filled with the Holy Spirit and spend time speaking/praying in tongues
3. Get delivered from the devil, his demons and generational curses
4. Start the process of inner healing
If something comes over you and you become a different person or a different personality, then you definitely need deliverance from the devil’s demons. Please contact us if that is happening to you because we have experts who are specialized and anointed to do deliverance in which Jesus and a team of deliverance ministers will get you completely set free – praise God, thank you Jesus.
In this short video I want to give testimony of how I needed and received deliverance ministry in my prayer time with Jesus. Now keep in mind that I was physically born in 1952, and I was spiritually born again in 1972 at the age of 20 by praying a prayer out loud asking Jesus into my heart as Savior and Lord. Then in 1978 at the age of 26 I asked Jesus to fill me with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues – and I received my heavenly prayer language that we call tongues at the age of 26.
Then at the age of 59 in my prayer time with Jesus, I told the Lord I was not happy watching Christians die prematurely before the age of 70 or 80 because of terminal diseases. And, Jesus in response to that prayer told me to start studying deliverance and inner healing which I had never done before. Back during my 20’s I had immersed myself in the Word Church/Faith Camp movement in which I read every book and listened to all 99 cassette tapes of Kenneth Hagin Ministries. This was a huge blessing to me as I learned the God given authority of the believer and how to use the Word Of God (the Bible) and the faith that God had given me to resist the devil and his demons and appropriate the blessings of God in my life. So, I will never turn my back on the things I learned from Kenneth Hagin and the Word Church/Faith Camp movement.
And, anybody who has been in the Word Church/Faith Camp movement has been properly trained to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” In fact, Kenneth Hagin on page 97 of his book “I believe in visions” (and you need to purchase that 126 page book copyrighted in 1972) as it explains so many things including the fact that most humans fail to receive their miracles from God because:
1. They do not know what belongs to them, or
2. They have renewed their mind with God’s Word (the Bible), and they DO know what belongs to them, but they are weak in faith which is why Jesus raised up Kenneth Hagin to teach on faith (resulting in what we call the Word Church or Faith Camp movement)
Now, in response to the things that Jesus had Kenneth Hagin teach, we the Body Of Christ have made two big mistakes:
1. Because of religion (hear me clearly, because of the religious church world), many humans rejected the ministry of Kenneth Hagin who was God’s gift to the Body of Christ to help us in the areas that we needed to learn. So, if you belong to a religion that tells you to stay away from Kenneth Hagin’s teachings, then you are the perfect example of someone who needs deliverance from the devil and his religious demons.
2. The 2nd big mistake made by the Body Of Christ is that those of us who embraced the Word Church/ Faith Camp movement just assumed that Kenneth Hagin knew it all and taught it all. That if Kenneth Hagin did not teach on it, then we do not need to know about it. So, if you are in the Word Church/Faith Camp movement and have never studied inner healing and deliverance, then you also are a perfect example of someone who needs deliverance from the devil and his religious demons.
In other words, we are not going to bash or abandon what we have learned in the Word Church/Faith Camp movement. We are going to keep what we learned and simply build upon it the additional things that the inner healing and deliverance camp has been instructed by God to teach and minister.
So a testimony out of my life will do a nice job of explaining how the Word Church/Faith Camp movement taught me to renew my mind with the Word of God, but the inner healing and deliverance camp taught me to look for legal rights that the devil was using to stay and torment and oppress. So, legal rights are sins that other people have done to me, or sins that I have done to myself. These sins create soul wounds (injuries to our soul) which never heal until they are processed with and healed by Jesus. So these sins (by others or myself) create soul wounds (injuries in our soul that never healed properly) which become legal rights for the devil and his demons to stay in your body and in your soul allowing demons first to torment, then oppress, and if they can, their goal is to eventually control your emotions, thoughts and behavior. If you are a Christian, these demons cannot get into your spirit man, but their goal is to eventually gain control over you by working in your body and in your soul to eventually gain control over your emotions, then your thoughts and then your behavior (the things you believe, say and do).
So, the devil is using God’s formula against you. God’s formula is that what you believe, is what you say, is what you will do. So, the devil simply uses God’s formula against you by getting you to believe the wrong thing, then say the wrong thing, then do the wrong thing – simple. The Word Church/Faith Camp movement has rightly and properly taught us to renew our mind with the Bible so that we believe the right things, say the right things and do the right things. However, if we have already done the wrong things, then we have to reverse the whole process back out of our lives. In other words, we all sin every day. Those sins bring consequences. Those sins are like a splinter of wood that accidentally gets jabbed into your skin and breaks off. Now that wood splinter is embedded in your finger or hand. The splinter is not clean, it has dirt and bacteria on it and the longer it stays in your body, then the more puss develops and the infection starts to spread.
The splinter has to come back out, the same way it went in. The splinter has to pulled back out. Then your hand has to be cleansed and healed. So it is with sins. Somebody does something to you that was wrong or you did something wrong to yourself. The longer you wait to deal with it, the more it festers, it creates puss (bitterness), and the infection begins to spread. So, you have to use God’s formula which is to believe, speak and do. But understand, the devil is going to give you all kinds of reasons to leave that sin embedded in your mind (just like the little boy or girl who does not want the parent to pull the splinter back out of their body).
Back when I was in my 20’s, I had learned the authority of the believer and how to tell the devil and his demons to buzz off. As a child I had nightmares almost every week. After getting born again, I learned that these nightmare came from the devil and his demons, so I bound the devil and told him to stop giving me nightmares in my sleep. All the nightmares stopped except one which showed up about once each month until the age of 59. The recurring nightmare was reliving a situation going back almost 40 years when I was in college in which I was unprepared for a class exam. Because I was unprepared, I knew I was going to do poorly on the test. I had this feeling of dread, anxiety and worry. And, I relived this dream over and over for the next 40 years. In spite of my prayers, in spite of telling the devil to buzz off the nightmare came back on average once per month for the next 40 years.
So, after starting down the path of inner healing and deliverance, I asked Jesus about this nightmare. Jesus spoke to me by the inward witness “what have you learned from the inner healing and deliverance camp you are studying”? I said, “that after you have renewed your mind with the Word (the Bible), if the devil does not leave then to look for legal rights.” So then, Jesus said “think back and remember what you were doing back during college and how you felt before the exam.” So, I said to Jesus “I was dreading, anxious, and worrying – ohhh – I was fearing!” Then the revelation from Jesus came into me as I realized that fear was a sin (I should have taken the concern to Jesus rather than remain in fear). The revelation was that if I would simply:
1. Forgive and bless the abuser – in this case forgive myself because I had failed to adequately prepare and study before the exam
2. Confess and repent – Lord Jesus, I feared. It was wrong, I admit it, and choose to repent of fear
3. Ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse and heal it – and He did. I never had the dream ever again.
Can you see that I needed “Deliverance” from the devil’s torment?
Can you see that I needed “Inner Healing ” from a soul wound?
Just like a wood splinter has to come back out of your body, that sin of fear had to come back out of my soul. The sin of fear had festered long enough. The sin of fear was spreading and the devil wanted me to believe wrong, say wrong and do wrong. The devil wanted me to believe that God’s word does not work on all nightmares. The devil wanted me to say that some nightmares you just have to live with, and then do wrong by not seeking and asking Jesus for the solution and miracle.
Jesus showed me where the splinter of fear was. Jesus showed me how to pull the splinter of fear out of the memory where it had been embedded in my soul by confessing (admitting) it was there and repenting (telling Jesus I was sorry that I had held on to the concern rather than giving it to Jesus in prayer). So I processed it with Jesus by saying I confess and repent and then let Jesus heal it by saying Lord Jesus please forgive, cleanse and heal me – and He did.
Some of my testimony of the ongoing deliverance and inner healing process is documented in my newsletter dated 6/7/2012, but time does not allow me to share today the details of deliverance and inner healing as the result of:
1. The sin of and the resulting soul wounds from a life long participation with rebellion
2. The sin of and the resulting soul wounds from a life long participation with anger
3. The sin of and the resulting soul wounds of spiritual pride
4. The sin of and the resulting soul wounds of not knowing about a generational curse that remained unbroken over my life until Jesus revealed it in a dream at age 59
5. The sin of and the resulting soul wounds of accidentally speaking a word curse onto myself at age 16 which was 4 years before I got born again
So… start the process of deliverance and inner healing for your life by going to our website which is HouseChurchMinistriesForJesus.Com and select the Tab entitled “Deliverance” and there you will find an eight page PDF document to view and print. Then pray those eight pages of prayers OUT LOUD over your life to break the curses and emotional strongholds in your life and you will be amazed at the memories that Jesus will cause you to remember so that you can process them with Jesus so that they can be healed by Jesus:
1. Forgive and bless
2. Confess and repent
3. Ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse and heal
Do this for yourself, your spouse and family, all your friends, and the new people that Jesus will send to you for help – God bless you.
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