Christians Need Deliverance From Demons

We need to understand that when the Bible tells us “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” in Rom 12:2 that renewing your mind is not enough.  You must also do the other things that the Bible declares such as renounce your participation with sin, break the resulting curse or yoke of bondage, and drive out the evil spirits. 
In other words, many churches and Christians have believed another of the enemy’s lies that “all you have to do is renew your mind with the Word.”  NOT TRUE – that is sooo not true!!  You MUST also renounce the sin, break the curse and drive out the demons.  I like to boil things down to a formula whenever I can (and you must remember to say and do these things OUT LOUD in an audible voice):
1.  Forgive and Bless – Forgive others and ask Jesus to bless those people, do not blame Jesus for what happened, and forgive yourself.
2.  Confess and Repent – Confess the things that you did that were wrong, or that you did not handle the situation perfectly, and repent by looking to Jesus for help and direction rather than what you were doing.
3.  Ask for Forgiveness, Cleansing and Healing – Ask Jesus to forgive you, cleanse you and heal you.
4.  Renounce, Break and Drive Out – Renounce your participation with sin, break the resulting curse or yoke of bondage that subsequently bound you, and drive out the evil spirits and demons by casting them out.
Soul ties are the result of having given the enemy permission to tie you up or chain you up and make you a bound captive – tied up and chained up.  The enemy cannot do this to you unless you accidentally or on purpose give him authority and permission to do so.  The rest of this article explains the many different ways that you as a Christian have given the enemy authority and permission to do this to you. 
Try to visualize yourself tied up with ropes, chained up with chains, and not able to  move or defend yourself while the enemy is free to beat on you, inflict pain on you, laugh at you, and do evil things to you and your family whenever the evil spirit wants to as you watch the torture happen before your eyes.  A deliverance minister has to show you how to untie yourself and help you break the curse (those chains of bondage, the yoke of bondage), so that you are not just born again, but also become free. 
It is not enough that the enemy has tied you up with ropes and chained you up with chains.  The enemy also has things like fish hooks into you so that when you try to escape, the hooks just serve to drag the demon with you wherever you go (like a fish caught on a hook trying to pull the fisherman down the river, trying to swim away to freedom but cannot get free).  The enemy also has open doors into you so that if you do get away, the demons can fly like a bat under the cover of darkness, guided by their own precise radar, back after you and back into you.  Until those doors are shut, closed and sealed by the Holy Spirit, those open doors just keep letting more demons back into you.
Jesus has used Pastor Carlos Annacondia to launch a revival in Argentina back in 1982 that is still going (imagine that, a revival that has lasted over 28 years with no signs of stopping).  At one campaign in Mar del Plata, Argentinaover 80,000 people converted to Christ with thousands delivered from demonic oppression.  After his preaching, Pastor Carlos would then rebuke the devil saying, “Listen to me, Satan!  In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I command you to lose the captives, now!”  Evil spirits would instantly manifest themselves as authority over the devil was imposed in Jesus’ name.  Those who needed deliverance were immediately taken to a tent called by some the “Spiritual Care Tent.” 
The people who manifested were put on stretchers and carried to the Spiritual Care Tent where (starting in 1985 until 1996) Pastor Pablo Bottari and his teams of deliverance workers had set up chairs in groups of three (two  deliverance counselors for each person needing deliverance).  The deliverance tent (230 feet by 60 feet) erected behind the speaker’s platform was filled every night with demonized people and was in operation from 8pm to 4am each night.  As many as 200 to 300 people with loud screaming, tortured gestures and violent behavior would be brought to the tent each night because they had been manifesting demons and were in need of deliverance.
Few servants of God have gathered as much experience in deliverance as Pastor Pablo Bottari as he pours out his insight of more than a decade of his deliverance work and counseling in his book “Free In Christ, Your Complete Handbook On The Ministry of Deliverance” published by Charisma House with copyright 2000 by Pablo Bottari.  This handbook can be purchased for only $13 from www.ElijahShopper.Com, therefore I strongly recommend that you purchase a copy:
Pastor Pablo Bottari in his handbook outlined Ten Steps Of Deliverance to discover what areas of bondage each person has as a consequence of sin:
First Four Steps:
1.  Determine if the person is oppressed, tormented or possessed (demonized)
2.  Tell the evil spirit “You have to submit in the name of Jesus”
3.  Bring the person to consciousness
4.  Ask the person if they want to be free?  (They have to say “yes” in order to proceed).
Next Two Steps:
5.  Help the person to accept Christ as Lord and Savior (or verify they are already saved by confessing Jesus as their Lord).
6.  Discover the areas of bondage
Final Four Steps:
7.  Renounce the ties that caused the oppression
8.  Break the ties and cast out the evil spirits
9.  Give thanks to God
10. Have the person ask Jesus to fill them with the Holy Spirit
In order to encourage you to purchase a copy of Pastor Pablo Bottari’s handbook so that you can help yourself and others, I have highlighted some of his comments and instructions as follows:
Hidden Hate
Pg 26 a pastor’s daughter was overwhelmed by hatred and resentment, these feelings were producing leukemia and arthritis.  We prayed and rebuked demons for several days, finally on the 15th day she finally manifested.  This enabled her to confess the reasons why she hated her father so much. She renounced her hatred and was set free
Pg 27 three reasons why a believer would manifest a demon: hatred, tremendous fear, or unbroken vow with the devil
Fear Bondages
Pg 27 at age 13 a 21 year old cousin tried to force sexual relations with her.  Her past trauma hindered her from enjoying normal intimate relations with her husband.  When she renounced the fear and hatred, she was set free. This example illustrates the importance of discovering what opened the door for the demon to enter.
Sexual Bondages
Pg 28 Illicit sex unite individuals so that demonic spirits that dominate the one can also dominate the other
Demonic Vows (Participating In Rituals)
Pg 28 making conscious or unconscious vows with the devil also creates spiritual bondages – so must find out why the person made such a vow.  A lady instead of seeking the Lord’s help sought out “white magic” and went through a cultic ritual.  This ritual constitutes a “vow” with a demon. After renounced the vow, and broke the curse in name of Jesus, then commanded the demon to leave… demon said as it left, “you defeated me. I’m leaving.”  Every such vow has a cause and a root that needs to be dealt with carefully.  The vow remains in force after the person accepts Jesus as Lord.
Unconfessed Sin
Pg 34 a group of men prayed for individual needing deliverance who had practiced martial arts, the demon was manifesting in the man by a Chinese name.  The demon took hold of one of the men who was helping to cast out the demon until he confessed he had been involved in past homosexual relationships.  After he renounced the sin, asked God to forgive him, then the demon could be cast out of the helper.  Thus, demons cannot affect believers unless there is unconfessed sin which gives authority to the demon to enter.
Pg 35 unhealthy soul ties allow demons from the other person who is infested to enter you.  Unresolved vows also allow demons to enter you.
Pg 36 church leaders need to be set free from bondages, oppressions, and inner wounds.
Pg 40 ministry of deliverance must go hand in hand with the ministry of evangelism
Pg 44 we are fighting a constant, daily fight
Pg 46 based upon Act 19:18, after you accept Christ, the very next step is to openly confess your evil deeds so that those who believe can then be delivered.  Today we get people to accept Christ but have stopped doing the next step of getting delivered. Pg 47 if there is no deliverance, then in spite of accepting Christ as Savior, the Christian will have spiritual problems. Pg 48 if we renounce  everything that is under the enemy’s control from the very beginning of our new life in Christ, our Christian growth will be normal.  But if we do not, then we develop into a deformed Christian, a real monster. Pg 49 rather than teach new believers a list of don’ts, help them get rid of the things in their past that prevent them from growing.  Example, every vow made with the enemy before knowing Christ has to be broken, or the enemy comes back to attack and demand fulfillment of the vow (previous agreement).
Pg 49 Another example, a man formerly involved in 30 years of a cult of spiritism accepted Jesus as Savior, got involved in church ministry, he had healing anointing from Jesus and people would get healed by his ministry, but the man was tormented, no peace, nothing in his life was going well because no one had told him to renounce the vows and oaths he had made while being a spiritist (he had submitted to another lord, the enemy, before knowing Christ).  So, he asked the Lord Jesus to help him remember every oath and vow made with the forces of evil in the past.  After he renounced them in the name of Jesus (every oath, every vow), then he was set free.
Words That Curse
Pg 50 when things go wrong, some might say “Why can’t I die?”  This constitutes a self-curse which the enemy uses against us.  We have to renounce these past expressions against ourselves.
Pg 51 if we do not rebuke and attack the enemy, he will remain peacefully hidden
Pg 55 when the Holy Spirit is in control of a congregation and the presence of the Lord is manifest, no demon can remain quiet there. The demon will have to manifest.
Pg 56 deliverance is focused upon discovering what it is that is giving the enemy authority to remain in a person’s life.
Pg 58 a woman during childhood at age 11 had been raped, the bitterness and resentment was affecting her bones, medical doctors could not find the problem. As the lady became desperate for relief of pain in her bones, she finally admitted what had happened as a child. She chose to abandon all resentment, forgave the man who raped her, after a few days she could stop taking pain killers, she eventually was completely healed. (see Ps 32:3)  Hate binds our lives and dries our bones and bodies physically.
Pg 60 most Christians (90 to 95 percent) are still suffering problems from the past, and this is all because the church has not ministered deliverance.
Pg 61 reading the Bible and spending time in prayer asking God for guidance, He will help us let go of situations from the past that have left marks in us and have tied us to the enemy. 
Pg 62 you can teach people to praise and pray, but the torturing oppression from the past prevents them from being able to do the things that you tell them to do.
Pg 62 example, a woman who accepted Christ, was taking a class to prepare for water baptism, but she found that she could not pray, and she could not read the Bible.  The deliverance minister asked if she had been in an occult. She said yes, she was the director of a center of spiritism and was the medium in that place.  No one had told her what to do with her past.  She was now saved in Christ, but not free because of vows and covenants made with the enemy.  As she renounced the vows an evil spirit declared “she is mine… I am not going to let her go”  But, the evil spirit did finally leave and let her go.
Pg 65 if the person confessed Jesus as Savior and Lord, they will go to heaven, but if that same person made agreements with the devil of any type (petitions, invocations, promises, etc.) those commitments have to be renounced before they will experience joy and victory.  Pg 66 until those agreements have been renounced and broken, they remain in effect.  The enemy cannot harm the born again person’s spirit, but he can hurt their bodies, emotions, and thoughts.
1. The Lord takes the person’s spirit to change the mind and sanctify the body
2. The enemy takes the body to ruin the mind and quench the spirit
Pg 66 example, a lady who had been saved for 10 years could not endure the calamities that were taking place in her life.  She explained that before her conversion to Christ she had been a sorceress but no one had ministered deliverance to her.  So, they helped her to break ties, break works of witchcraft and the curses she pronounced on others, renounce every vow, she finally remembered 3 axes and two knives she still had in her possession when she did ritualistic sacrifices… see Acts 19:18-19
Pg 68 after becoming a Christian, vows made in the past continue to keep us bound to other people with demons in their lives and/or bound directly to evil spirits.  Example, a young lady was sick, went to a ritual cult to get healing, the evil spirit entered the woman during the ritual and told her “I will heal you, but in 7 years, I will take your son away.”  Later, she accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, but as the 7th year approached, her son was getting sick with cancer.  She had to renounce and break the yoke she had put on her child.
Pg 69 churches are weak because the members are in bondage.  The church tells the oppressed believers “Just accept the Lord and everything will be all right.” or the church will tell them “you do not have enough faith” (and Rick Hollman hears churches saying – God is causing or allowing this to happen because God is trying to teach you something, or God is sovereign so just accept the bad things which are happening as your destiny – hog wash.)
Pg 71 some women see the sexual act as dirty because of past abusive experiences. When healed everything starts to work adequately
Pg 71 one girl lacked a father figure at home, as a result tried to find  paternal protection in several relationships.  For fear of losing that protection, she had been pressured to have sex with each partner which made her feel like a victim of abuse, she considered herself an object, not a person with human needs. Her feelings of guilt and low self esteem made her afraid to share her problems with a pastor or spiritual counselor.
Pg 72 a person having financial struggles.  Pastor Pablo Bottari said before you became a Christian, who did you give finances to and thereby gave your authority to have finances over to the enemy?  The man came up with a list of demonic names associated with occult idols and false religions.  (and Rick Hollman would say, money given to American idols and occults like – casinos, prostitutes, pornography, mormons, jehovah witness, yoga, sports idols, TV star idols, chiropractors offering acupuncture, going to hypnotists to stop smoking, etc.)  The man had to renounce each false authority to whom he had turned.  The man’s automobile tire repair shop began to prosper.
Pg 74 for many years the church has only ministered deliverance to those who manifested demons, but leaves unchanged all the people who had a background of witchcraft who were not manifesting.
Pg 79 note the scripture Mark 16:17-18 lists in proper order (not random order)
1. First, drive out demons,
2. then speak in tongues,
3. then lay hands on sick and they will get well
Pg 82 the church has become a mere spectator, not a doer
Pg 84 if you have a lack of faith, ask Jesus to increase it
6.  Discover The Areas Of Bondage
A. We are not judging, just encourage the person to open their heart completely, if the person hides something, then deliverance is incomplete
B.  The Holy Spirit will help them remember what has been long forgotten
C.  Illicit Sexual Relationships are common, and the act unites the spiritual problems of the one person over to the other person, so the person must renounce the sexual relationship with each person with whom they have shared their bodies.
D.  Abortions cause women to carry the guilt of having killed their child because abortion is murder, then she has to forgive herself
E.  Renounce the soul ties (renounce and break the demons hooks into your soul)
      1).  Hate which is a bond, soul tie, demon hook which produces roots of bitterness and lack of forgiveness, those roots produce fruit of resentment, anger, envy, pride, violence, vengeance, curses, and a nervous breakdown.  (So hatred is like a seed that sprouts roots, grows and produces fruit – bad fruit).
      2).  Rejection – If hate was caused by someone’s rejection, must remember the exact circumstance, the details of the event, confess the resulting tie (or hook) as it was created, and done, forgive (which is to renounce the sin of hate and unforgiveness), break the yoke of bondage (the curse, the hooks into the soul, the chains that bind, the ropes that tie) that resulted (example, one lady had cursed her abusive husband to die, she had to release that husband from the curse of death).  This allowed the demon’s entry point to be closed and she was set free.
      3).  Fear produces a soul tie (or hook) for the demon into the person and manifests in ways such as convulsions, fears, doubts, insecurities, phobias, etc.  Parents bind their children to fear by saying words such as “Promise that you will never leave me”  That is a soul tie (or hook) that binds the child to the parent under oath forever.  If we raise our children with fear, they will always be afraid to make their own decisions.  They will always be insecure.  Most fears began in childhood resulting in not being able to discuss normal problems with others, they swallow their bitterness, they live in anxiety.  Pg 124 example of a man who had forgotten an experience of nearly dying.  He had to renounce the fear of death, break the yoke of bondage (break the curse, cut the hooks resulting from fear), and cast the spirit out.  As believers, we have no permission to be afraid.  Fear is an open door for demons.  It is important to remember (ask the Holy Spirit to help us remember) how the fears got started. Sometimes fear gets started by witnessing a violent event.
      4).  Unforgiveness is a soul tie (for the demon to hang onto).  Pg 126 we have to honor our parents.  The Bible does not say to honor parents if they are good.  If a father or mother is bad, we still honor and not judge them.  Ask Jesus to forgive you for judging them.  By doing this, the man was set free from a fear that his wife would be unfaithful to him (because he had found his mother in bed with another man).  You have to find the reason behind the fear or hate otherwise the door to the enemy remains open (the demon can come and go, or stay attached) and the person cannot be set free.  Pg 127 one man had started hating his father, that feeling transformed him into a woman inside a man’s body – which was his act of revenge.  You cannot just rebuke the feelings, you must find the agreements and vows to renounce and break.
      5).  Occult contact is bad.  As long as you are under the authority of say a warlock or satanic priest, you have a soul tie to that other human who is in the occult and is full of demons giving the demons access back to you.  All consultation (example receiving a horoscope) or any method designed to predict the future, you will be bound to the person consulted (and their demons).  Pg 130 Any commitment or vow has to be renounced and broken or they remain in effect.  Mental control or mind control spirits are received through things like transcendental meditation.  Spiritist activities include different cults like hinduism, eastern mysticism, buddhism, martial arts, yoga, esoterics, etc.  Pg 131 Also, speaking to the dead is forbidden by the Bible.  Example one family had a little boy that died. Every morning they said good morning to the little boy as if he were still alive, they set a place for him at the table.  They had to renounce that bond in order to be set free.  Pg 133 Talking to idols is the same as consulting the dead.  Pg 133 Silva Method is mind control.  A lady practicing Silva mind control  was able to come out of her body, and leave her body to establish relationships at a distance by concentrating on a certain person to establish spiritual ties with that individual.  Pg 134 to be set free she had to renounce invocations, ties, visitations, vows, requests for healings from spirit beings, etc. – there was so much stuff it took 15 days but was eventually set free.  Mind control spirits also come from transcendental meditation or yoga.
      6).  Hypnotism is the authority of one person’s will over another person’s will.  Pg 135 people became committed to guerrilla groups because they had submitted their authority to the authority of hypnosis.
      7).  Epilepsy is convulsions as a result of a very strong fear.  Find out what was happening in their life when they started having convulsions.
7. Renounce The Ties
Pg 139 after you discover what caused the spiritual bondage, now you can minister deliverance by having the person renounce each specific situation revealed as a cause of oppression, and it needs to be spoken out loud in audible voice.  It is not good enough to say “I renounce witchcraft”  The person must renounce things in the same way they were made. If the person has opened their heart to Holy Spirit, then Holy Spirit will bring up all the issues that bind, thus eventually all oppressing matters come to light.
Pg 141 the demons have to be able to hear people’s decisions
To Break Sexual Ties – In the name of Jesus, I renounce all sexual and spiritual bondage to (name the person) and spiritual bondage to (name the person) and to the authority I have given them by submitting myself to them and offering them my body.  Pg 141 every sexual relationship of adultery and fornication has to be renounced one by one. If the name cannot be remembered, identify it by the place it occurred.  The prostitute should renounce as many as come to mind and in their entirety.
Abortion – I renounce all bondage to abortion.  I ask forgiveness for having taken my child’s life.  Lord, I accept Your forgiveness, and I renounce all resentment and guilt against myself. 
Hate Ties – In the name of Jesus, I renounce all the hate I feel toward (name the person) for having done (name the specific deed).  I forgive them and I bless them in the name of Jesus.
Bondage To Fear – In the name of Jesus, I renounce all spirits of fear that took over me because (name the reason or name the person that caused the fear).  I forgive and bless (name the person) in the name of Jesus.
Pg 143 some people suffer from curses that others place on them from witchcraft.  If the person cannot be freed, it is because there is something in the person that does not allow them to remove the authority given to the attacker.  It could be some sin not confessed, or fear of the person trying to curse them, unconfessed sin and fear are open doors to the enemy.  You do not have to counter attack witchcraft, just pray for the person that is doing curses upon you by saying “I choose to forgive and bless that person.  Then renounce your fear of them.”  Pg 144 Jesus told us to bless those that curse us. (see Matt 5:44) If we bless those who hurt us, the Lord protects us and frees us from the fear.
Spiritual Bondage – In the name of Jesus, I renounce all authority over my life given to (name the sorcerer, witch, “santero”, or images) and given to spirits that operate in them and I renounce and break all commitments given to them. Pg 145 this renunciation has to be done because the person accepted advice, requested direction and care.  Each and every action has to be specifically mentioned, renouncing it in an audible voice.
Specific Rituals – Pg 145 the person must renounce each step of the ritual in which they participated. The renunciation will have to be specific and said out loud. Pg 146 when the person feels peaceful, deliverance has taken place.  If the person cannot get rid of fear, hate or bad memories, then ministry will be necessary.  Write down what the person mentions and can remember for ministry later.
8. Break The Ties And Drive Out The Evil Spirits.
Pg 147 In the name of Jesus, break the yoke of bondage by breaking the bonds by renouncing the things that gave authority to the demons to oppress.  If the person is not free, there is probably something the person has not remembered.  Therefore, first break each and every tie, one by one.  Wait until all known ties are broken before you cast out the demon.  Continue to explore areas to find all ties (or hooks), be patient to find all the ties (or hooks) before you cast out a demon.  Pg 148 when you find a tie (or hook) renounce and break it, then look for the next tie (or hook).  If you try to drive out the demon before all the hooks are removed, the person will start manifesting.
Pg 148 Some people do not get set free because they need to examine more specifically and have not understood what the Holy Spirit is trying to show them, thus the tie or hook remains.  So discover what caused the tie or hook.  If the demon is just resisting, you can rebuke 2 to 5 times, but if the person continues to manifest after 5 times of rebuking then there are reasons for the demon to stay.  Pg 149 so then you bind the demon again and continue investigating.  Say, “let’s pray and ask the Holy Spirit to bring specific issues to our minds.”  If the person is still not delivered, we must keep searching.
Pg 149 a young lady kept manifesting, so we told her to ask the mother what traumatic experience she had as a girl.  The mother admitted that mom did not want the baby and tried to abort by inserting needles into her uterus, but the uncle was a believer and was praying for the unborn baby.  So the young woman was instructed to forgive mother for trying to kill her, then renounce the fear of death.  Pg 150 The real cause of her bondage had been revealed – fear.  This is the evidence that the tiniest embryo has the ability to perceive aggression.  Both the young woman and the mother were set free.
Pg 150 demons have to leave in the name of Jesus.  If the demons do not leave, then some soul tie (or hook) has not yet been discovered.
9.  Give Thanks To God –  have the person thank Jesus for their deliverance.  Have them declare that the glory, honor and power belong to God alone and not the person ministering the deliverance.
10. Have the person pray themselves asking Jesus to fill them with the Holy Spirit rather than pray for the person to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  In the name of Jesus, Lord, I give you thanks because you have delivered me.  I ask now and receive the anointing, the presence, the power and grace, and the infilling of you Holy Spirit.
Pg 153 the person may even manifest again which shows something has remained hidden, a demon has been trying to go unnoticed.  The evil spirit cannot stand the fact the person is glorifying the Lord, that is why it manifests. Pg 154, so… something has not been confessed and renounced, so make inquiries until you find the problem.
Advice From Experience
1.   Keep your eyes open to avoid getting hit by some violent manifestation
2.   Minister physical healing, do not assume all problems are spiritual
3.   If the person is under influence of medication or alcohol, God may give then sobriety, but if not, pray for them, recommend they come back sober
4.   Never advise them to stop taking meds (the person will know if they can go off meds)
5.   It is wrong to get angry with people or to scare them by screaming at a demon
6.   Never judge anyone
7.   Minister in a place where you can talk freely with no distractions or interruptions
8.   Minister with a team
9.   After deliverance, the person needs follow up
10. The 10 steps cannot be self administered, they must be completed by a minister of Christ
11. Verify deliverance before releasing the person
12. Never violate trust by sharing details with the person’s relatives or friends
Pg 161 visualize the demon with hooks or claws, as you renounce and break each finger on the demon’s hand, the demon eventually has no fingers or claws left with which to hang on to the person.
Pg 162 after accepting Christ, the person must renounce every authority given to the enemy even if only partial authority was given to the enemy.
Pg 165 all we need to know is how to use the tools for deliverance, even when we do not feel that deliverance is our ministry.  Remember to renounce all commitments made before conversion to Christ.
Pg 169 schizophrenics are like King Saul or Nebuchadnezzar (1 Sam 16 and Daniel 4:31-37), people who refused to listen to God and have gone way beyond God’s patience
Pg 169 Hate can produce depression, bone problems, cancerous ulcers and many other conditions. 
Pg 170 pray for physical healing, if no healing, lay hands on them to see if they manifest, not all illnesses are caused by demons.  But… a 45 year old woman was deformed by arthritis and we prayed with her every day for 15 days, still… nothing happened.  However, on the 15th day, she manifested so violently that 8 people could not hold her down.  After binding the demon, bringing her back to senses, she confessed deep roots of hatred.  She renounced them and forgave her father, she was healed.  Hatred brings violence, a desire for vengeance,  and produces a lot of diseases.
Pg 173 Will I get a demon if I lay hands upon someone – this is a doctrine of fear.
Pg 175 hurtful manifestations include vomiting, strong reactions, aggressive words, uncontrollable movements.  If it is from the Holy Spirit, it will produce good fruit.  But if no real change, then that manifestation is suspect.
Pg 177 Jesus will never take hold of anything in you unless you give it to Him first.  Manifestations emerge because there are areas not under the control of Holy Spirit.  Christians can be oppressed, then tormented.  If they give permission to the devil, they can end up demonized.
Eph 4:27 says “Do not give the devil a foothold”
Heb 12:15 tells us to not allow bitter roots to grow up inside you and consequently miss the grace of God
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