McNally Trigger For Glocks


Rick Hollman – McNally Trigger – Video (00:02:35) Results Of Installed Trigger

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 Filling A Need
 Glock makes one of the best pistols in the world, but for discriminating shooters who want to improve accuracy, McGlock Precision Components LLC presents the McNally Trigger assembly.  The McNally Trigger incorporates forward travel and a trigger stop within the trigger shoe and can be adjusted by taking the slide off to gain access to the adjustment screws.  The Glock does not have to be completely disassembled for adjustment!
Guns_131015_McNally Trigger2The problem with the standard Glock trigger pull is that the trigger collapses when the firing pin is released causing a ‘jerk” at the most critical point in trigger control.  This is solved by the trigger stop in the McNally Trigger by stopping the rearward travel (at the source) once the firing pin is released.  You will see an immediate benefit when you dry fire and see the front sight not move when the firing pin is released.  This is a positive trigger stop because it stops at the trigger not at the trigger mechanism housing like some aftermarket kits.


Guns_131015_McNally Trigger33The McNally Trigger incorporates a forward travel adjustment that will reduce the long travel.  There is still some forward travel called “creep” but it is necessary to make sure all the safeties are engaged when the finger is off the trigger.  The McNally Trigger has a coil spring in the trigger safety which positively engage/disengage.  The safety also conforms to the wide flat face of the trigger so you will not have the discomfort when shooting a bunch and having an irritated trigger finger.
 Two-Way Adjustment Provides Far More Accuracy
With the McNally Double Adjustment Trigger, forward and back travel can be set for optimal relase and reset of the firing pin during the firing cycle.  This enhances accuracy on follow up shots yet still keeps all safeties intact.
The adjustments are integrated into the McGlock trigger shoe which replaces the OEM or factory shoe.  Adjustments are made simply with an allen wrench.  The enhanced trigger safety is wider and has a positive coil spring engagement.  Both the trigger shoe and Trigger safety are made of a denser polymer for more durability.
Although the McNally Custom Trigger sells for $159.99, as an insurance agency owner, I am able to provide the McNally Custom Trigger to you absolutely FREE as follows Click Here

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