Deliverance & Baptism: 9/23/2014 Brian

Delivered From OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder):

On 7/22/2014, our House Church had a public deliverance conference with guest minister Jay Bartlett. Jay Bartlett is a world wide, full time minister who teaches, demonstrates and ministers deliverance (exorcisms, casting out of demons) on every continent by traveling around the world every year. Brian came to the 7/22/2014 meeting at our home (House Church Meeting) hoping to receive help and freedom from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). During the meeting, Jay Bartlett felt impressed to pray specifically and minster to several different people – one of which was Brian (it is not every day that we could be so blessed to have a global anointed minster come to our home, but bless God/thank you Jesus, Jay Bartlett DID come and minister in our home – praise God!)
When Jay Bartlett started praying over Brian, the demons who were causing the OCD began to manifest (started speaking through Brian’s voice) boasting that they (the demon) had caused Brian to have the OCD condition. Furthermore, the demon said that it would not leave and that it would fight against Jay so that it (the demon) could stay in Brian’s body and soul (not Brian’s spirit man which is born again/saved) to continue to drive the odd OCD behaviors.
As deliverance ministers, we understand how to battle against demons and cast them out (we never let the demon stay). The key is understanding that if… the demon has a Biblical right to stay because of sin, then that sin(s) has to be discovered, renounced, confessed and repented of. Now understand that these demons are liars (it is not their nature to tell the truth). So… the deliverance minister must force the demon to tell the truth or be tortured. Simply by faith and commanding in the Name of Jesus, the deliverance minister has choices and can apply some or all of the following things as weapons against the demon – the Name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the sword of Jesus (God’s written Word, your favorite Bible), communion which is the blood and body of Jesus (grape juice and bread consecrated to God for that purpose), ask God to send His warfare angels to assist, ask God to send the fire of the Holy Spirit, anointing oil (consecrated to God for that purpose), the Holy cross of Jesus (your favorite cross consecrated to God for that purpose), etc. (there are many other weapons that we can use as described in the Bible).
The devil and his evil spirits and demons HATE all of the things (tools) mentioned above AND are “tortured” by the application (by faith) of these items. And so it was on 7/22/2014 when Jay commanded the demon talking through Brian’s voice to hold the cross of Jesus. At first the demon refused, but Jay commanded again using the authority and the Name of Jesus, and the demon had to comply (the demon operating through Brian reached out and held the cross using Brian’s hand). Jay asked the demon “how does that cross feel in your hand?” The demon replied “it burns.” Jay asked Jesus to send warfare angels to assist. Jay (by faith) spoke/commanded by the authority and the Name of Jesus, that the angels push a spear into Brian’s belly (Jay took an imaginary spear and slowly pushed an imaginary spear into Brian’s belly without ever actually touching anything in the physical). This time, Jay did not have to ask how the spear felt because the demon cussed in pain using Brian’s voice. After Jay pushed a second imaginary spear into Brian’s belly (by faith), the demon had Brian contorting in pain (Brian was in a demonic trance and does not remember any of these details which is why I am writing them down with Brian’s permission for the public and Brian to read) while seated on the couch, and in spite of this great torture to the demon, the demon boasted that it would fight Jay and refused to leave. At which point, Brian’s friend Marty also seated on the couch with Brian blurted out “Brian needs to forgive his father!”
As I explained earlier, in a deliverance session we have procedures (for free you can get our 42 page deliverance manual Free – Remove Stongholds – “How To” Manual – Click Here.
Therefore, Jay Bartlett had me act as a surrogate “standin” representing Brian’s biological father. As the “substitute” for Brian’s father, I asked Brian “so why are you mad at me?” Brian explained his resentment. Then as the “standin father” I asked “would you be willing to forgive me?” Brian said yes and spoke the words into existence “I forgive you” (it is not good enough to say that you are willing, you must “speak and do” it into existence).
Then, Jay Bartlett again went back after the demon to cast it out (of Brian’s body and soul) and guess what – now that Brian chose to release forgiveness, the demon left without a fight – amazing! Well, that is all great, grand and wonderful (with a whole room full of eye witnesses), but Brian does not remember any of it. Brain (who was in a demonic trance) did not know he was delivered of a demon. Brian’s friend Marty, told Brian that Brian was delivered but Brian was still doing his odd OCD behaviors (for a time immediately after the deliverance). I told Marty to tell Brian that it may take a month or two but Brian will eventually figure out that the thing (demon) that was driving his thoughts and actions is gone and that the odd OCD behaviors will eventually stop – and that is what happened. Below is that story as Brian and his wife explain it in their own words.


Water Baptism:

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